Monday, April 26, 2010

Better Late- Than Ever Easter Egg Hunt

Every year it gets better and better although this year we had to wait for it. It just wouldn't work on Easter weekend. We had so many scheduling conflicts for all the players and we were trying desperately hard not to sacrifice anyone. In the end, Scott ended up being out of town and we missed him and his egg hiding skills. Aside from that, we had the best time ever!

We always try to mix it up and think of new ways to keep the kids coming back. This year we offered the Senior edition. There were 6 graduating Seniors this year. Plus Amber and Anastasia who've already graduated, and the many younger players. (Thank goodness for them, we still have an excuse to egg hunt!)

I am going to guess we hid between 400 and 500 eggs and oodles of silver eggs, eggs with tickets for special prizes AND we even hid two-liter bottles of pop. Who has ever done that? GiGi found a a great deal on them and decided she would bring them for the kids. I figured we may as well hide them. :) You should have seen the faces of the first kids to find them. It was pretty funny.

Grandpa, Rocky, GiGi, Greta and I hid the eggs. Grandpa and Rocky took on the task of hiding the special eggs. And it took a l-o-n-g time. I think that means these kids are spoiled! There were lots of prizes and money to be found!

I made Grandpa keep a list of where he hid the eggs however he didn't notate which ones were the big money eggs and which weren't. It turned out pretty funny though and I think he confused himself even more by trying to decipher his own clues.

After the eggs were found, and our bellies were full the kids started looking at their loot. Holly came up with really fun tasks for the Senior kids to to do in order to get their prizes. She chose great things that would help them at college and even made them a filing system-box to start the next stage of their lives. The funniest task was making them find an adult and jump up and down in front of that person until the adult noticed and granted them their prize; a jump drive.

I always have those moments in which I get a little sad at how fast time is passing by but I must say I know how blessed we are that these kids love us enough to humor us year after year. I have an Aunt Karen whom I swear misses Easter Egg Hunts as much as I love having them. Every year I tell her to host an Adult egg hunt and I figure the day will come that I could be hosting my own but in the mean time I'll be praying to the Lord above that the kids will keep coming! And as a back up plan, I'll keep searching for ridiculous ways to keep it obnoxiously fun so can't stop joining in. Here's hoping it works!

Happy late Easter to you by the way and if you are ever up for an Easter Egg hunt, I know a place where there's one every year and it just gets better and better!

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