Monday, April 05, 2010

Great Outdoor Challenge #2- Bubbles in a Blizzard

We are participating in a Get Outdoors Challenge in honor of Children and Nature Awareness Month. It's being hosted at 5 orange potatoes. This is our contribution today.

Cali has been wanting to blow bubbles for days. It seems that each day, we struggle to get around to it. Once we get outside we all go in our own direction with different agendas. I promised that we would get to it today, Pinky promised! And you can't go back on those. :)

We drug the big sister's out with us and they came kicking and screaming.  It isn't that they mind getting outside but after a long day and having to stay after school for Cassi to work on a Quest project, then add to that there was a new blizzard blowing- I think it was a bit depressing for them .

Once we all got started things got a little silly. Snowflakes and bubbles in the eyes, bubbles on hats and even bubbles and snow on cats.  I was having a fantastic time taking photos. The bubbles were-a-blowing!  Of course the girls tried to catch them on their wands.

And they were trying hard to blow slowly to get the biggest bubble.  I found their faces quite funny.

Then Cali said she was going to check out the lake. We all cracked up because it was a big puddle. Still she was fascinated. Since we were bubble blowing for her sake, we followed her and as a result ended up noticing how the bubbles hit the water, changed color then kind of melted into the water. The whole process was pretty cool. Ultimately we decided it could be because the water was warm from the day. We still aren't really sure but it was very neat.

We also found it rather artistic noticing our reflections in the bubbles on the road.  I could have photographed them again and again. In fact I'd love to try it again in the future with the girls individually.  When I get around to that, I'll be sure to share their portraits.

The cat got a little lazy chasing the bubbles and eventually just watched them go by.

The best part about being outside was the conversation that ensued while we observed the actions of the bubbles.  Well, that wasn't really the best part. That would be Cali's happiness at being outside blowing bubbles with her family. She told me it was the best part of her day.

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