Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Great Outdoor Challenge #3- A Simple Little Chat

We are participating in The Great Outdoor Challenge and a challenge it has been. We have statewide testing going on at school this week. I had two meetings tonight and both of the older girls had music lessons this afternoon. There seriously was little time to spend outside.

Even so, we decided to take a few minutes and share the moments of our day on the pond swing with a mug of hot chocolate.  The girls told me their frustrations about testing and I told them mine. Cali got up and down a few times to pick up some magical stick or rock or other thing she thought would be lovely for a future project. And we just huddled and talked and then laughed and enjoyed our cup of warm cocoa. 

I took pictures, I always do. In fact, half the time, I don't think they even notice. Once they do, they get silly and pose for shots like this.

This is my favorite picture tonight.  As my oldest daughter talked I sat across from her and watched her mannerisms. She looked so grown from this angle, the way she held her cup and crossed legs. I could easily imagine having a conversation with her many years from now, a young adult contemplating her future. 
While this challenge isn't always easy I'm finding it's bringing us together. And we are taking a minute or two each day to linger, study, observe and appreciate the world around us. I guess it means it's a game we're winning.

These folks are winning too. If you'd like to see how others meet this challenge head-on, check them out.

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5orangepotatoes said...

Woo hoo you got it copied!

Seriously a challenge for you up there, with the cold too, easy for us b/c the temps are in the 70's ;). I love how you worked out challenge last night.


5orangeptotoes said...

hmmmm, so the links don't work....darn it!

Rana said...

What a great way to spend and evening. I love your daughters boots. Those are sharp!

5orangepotatoes said...

Christie, do you mind if I snag one of the 3 girl pics to post on my site as an Outdoor Challenge participant of the day. I want to show everybody that the cold weather shouldn't stop ya from going out. This post is the BEST example of that!