Monday, November 06, 2006

~Something to make you smile~

Since Cassi and I spent the weeknd in Anchorage for another cheerleading event and Cori had a show to participate in here in town, Cori had to stay here with a friend while we were away.

I went to pick her up Sunday night. Things were pretty quiet in the car for a short time ( we were all pretty tired) but then Cori said " Mom, I have decided what I am going to be when I grow up". I was certainly excited to hear she was thinking about it so I asked her what that would be. The conversation went pretty much like this, "Well Mom, you know how boys always get to do everything and often girls get looked over, I want that to stop so I am going to be President. Or I might be a proffessional soccer player." At this time, I was smiling and thinking of something clever to say when she added "Or I am going to work in a coffee shop." At this point I was trying not to choke on the coffee I was drinking and trying hard to keep it from coming out of my nose. About 30 seconds passed when I she spoke again. She said, "Hey Mom, that last one, is only if the first two don't work out!"

Anybody have a nose is dripping!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween season was a little slower this year than in other years. Our good friend Miss Holly, the Queen of Halloween is still in Texas. Missing her, we decided having the Halloween party we usually have just wouldn't be the same without her. Even without that going on, it seemed like a busy couple of days.

Scott was able to carve a pumpkin with the girls before he left. They had a lot of fun and really scared me with it after they were done carving him.
There was an electricity outage when I walked through the door and I just wasn't expecting that guy! Take note of the fancy stitches on his face. Cali wasn't sure if she liked him or not. She never did get too close when the lights were out.

We started out our day out with our SCHOOL costumes. Cali also had kindermusic class so she was able to share with her friends too. She really liked passing out candy to them. And eating it too!

I decided to dress up with the girls this year. I knew I would be spending the day amongst the 3 of their schools so I thought I'd have a little fun too. I was Tigger and Cali spent most of the day telling me I needed to BOUNCE!

Cori dressed up as a 1920's Hollywood Movie Star (Seriously, that is what she called it!)
I found the dress for her and she accessorized the rest of the outfit. She especially liked the boa and the gloves. I thought she did a pretty good job.

Cassi was a butterfly princess. Can you imagine? She was as beautiful as she is every year, don't you think? She had very dainty wings and a wonderful butterfly wand and a real tiara. I especially liked the shoes. They brightened up the outfit and were very cute. She floated around most of the day.

Cali was Lil' Red Riding Hood. The hood was a little big and it didn't stay on all the time. Mostly because she would flip it off. We tried to take several photos but she is just too quick for me. This one isn't too bad.

I actually had them go outside in 30 degree weather to get this photo. What troopers, huh?

For Trick or treating, Cori decided to be what she calls a Hippy, ( She claims this means a girl who wears baggy pants, a sloppy shirt, hat turned sideways and so on.) I did try to explain that really that's called a BUM! Wren was Dracula albeit a nice fluffy one!

Cassi went as a monkey. It was a warm outfit. Maybe too warm, or maybe it was just a long day!

Cali went as a frog.

She liked trick or treating but truthfully it was along day and she only lasted a little while. We were home by about 8:00 and as you can see, eveyone was a little weary looking through the loot. Ok, well Cori, she was on a sugar high. I think she snuck Reeces under her pillow!

Hope your Halloween was fun too. And on to Thanksgiving! I have so much to be Thankful for, I think I'll start making my list now!
Love you all!