Sunday, August 17, 2014

Always my little one

Today Cali and I were driving down the road. We were in a fairly serious conversation. I was talking about how our life would change now that I'd be working full time at the school. She is apprehensive about it and I am too. I told her there were upsides and maybe there would be a few down sides but regardless we would make sure to spend quality time doing quality things.

I mentioned that it might be time to consider a camp, like the kind you see kids do on TV.  She asked me if I was talking about the art camp we had considered this summer (in Seldovia) and I said yes.

She said, "Oh right! Like when Blythe goes to fashion camp in my show."  I said, "Your show?"
"Littlest Pet Shop mom!" she said.

And there you go, just like Blythe, we'll be all right my little girl. We will be just fine!

Saturday, July 06, 2013

On the Bright Side...

Things could have been worse. That's usually the case isn't it?

Scott decided to take the girls (the big ones) out halibut fishing. It was a chore getting to the point they could go. It took days to find all the things that they needed that were misplaced in trying to clean up this old house.  Then he haggled for some pricier things he needed for the boat (which belongs to a friend but happens to be sitting here at this old house). Finally the day came and they were off. 

Of course, while packing sandwiches I realized I was out of baggies but no worries, foil wrapped sandwiches are great canvases! Finally with blankets to keep warm, a bucket to pee, and a lunch made with love, they were off! Cali and I were excited to see what they would come home with.

As always, prior to departure I asked for reminded them to take lots of pictures. And the girls didn't disappoint. I am guessing they were bored for a while however it didn't last long. While I was showering, I got 'the' text. 

It went something like this:
Scott- "How's that tackle box looking?"
Me-  "What?"
Scott- "Bad Word, Bad Word,Bad Word"
Scott- "We can't fish!"
Me- "Oh No!"
Scott- "Crying Now"

There were other problems prior to this but I am assuming they were trying not to scare me. And let me tell you , it would have! 

Anyway, as it was told to me, they fished one at a time with a rod and a pair of channel locks. They saw a seal (that black dot just past the seagull) and  they managed to catch one chicken (small halibut). After that, they had to head home because they lost the channel locks. (And the anchor- but again lets not worry ourselves, 'cause they are safe!)

While we were eating dinner the girls were starting to complain about not getting any fish.  I quickly stopped them because after all we were sitting safe in our kitchen, as a family, eating fresh halibut (there was just enough for a meal)  and it was good! In fact, it was delicious! And that is definitely a bright side, don't you think?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Most Awesomely, Funny, Fun, Sweet, Giving, Rockin', Valentiney, Valentine's Day EVER!

Cali and I were headed to cheer, the end of our very busy day and I asked her, "Was it a good Valentine's Day?"
She replied with, "It was the Most Awesomely, Fun, Valentine's Day ever!  I repeated, "It was the Most Awesomely, Fun, Valentine's Day ever?"
"No!", she said, it was the Most Awesomely Fun, Giving, Valentine's Day ever!" I repeated again,  "It was the Most Awesomely Fun, Giving, Valentine's Day ever?"
"No!", she said, It was...and so the game began. We finally ended with the title you see above.
I'd say, at the end of the day, it was a good one, but it was different, and sometimes that takes a little adjusting to.

Scott is finally home, or in the state at least. I wish I could see him, but even if I can't, I'm grateful he is here and I'll see him soon.

I got up at 5:15 am this morning with Cori, who left today at 5:45 am for a three-day basketball trip up near Anchorage,AK. Scott flew into Anchorage last night and stayed up there to watch her games. She barely had a chance to peek at her Valentine's Day prizes and run out the door this morning.  I miss having her here today.

Cassi was next. She woke up at 6:00 and almost immediately asked if I would take her to Wal-Mart this morning. Umm, what? Yup, you see, while I was baking 8 quiches last night, (for the entire basketball team) and Cori was making oodles of Valentines for her boy, Cassi was at a movie. She didn't make one Valentine, so this morning she decided she wanted to get something for her best friend. A reusable cup with a straw that she wanted to take  to the coffee shop and fill with a red-bull special. We managed to get it done.

Then came my sweet baby Cali. Everyone was gone when she got up, but we still ogled over her V-Day goodies. And she was the one to have a gift for her Momma, that sweet girl.
A small book, Valintines Rymes and a crisp one dollar bill, from her wallet, to buy something for myself. :)

Roses are red.
Vilets are blue.
Valintines are sweet
and so are you.

Rose's are red.
Vilets are blue
Wever you are
I will be close to you. 

I spontaneously decided I would make her cinnamon rolls for breakfast. those rymes got me! I got them in the oven, then...
I got a phone call, I had to fill in for the school breakfast program. I had 20 minutes to get there. 
Pbttt! She wasn't real thrilled for about 3 minutes but I convinced her we would take the cinnamon rolls in the car for her and Annie, I made her some juice in her Valentine's Day cup, some for Annie in her new sippy cup, and off we went with icing on our chins!

Once school started, Cali left on her annual Valentine's Day Field trip, a performance at the Senior Housing Center. She was wonderful. She smiled a lot and wasn't fearful. Annie and I thought they sang so well, that we danced and danced! All those Grandma's and Grandpa's love that you know!

From there, we headed to the annual class ice skating adventure. None of my girls have ever really gotten the knack of ice skating although we've never given it much effort. The annual class skating trips stop in 3rd grade. Still, with little-to-no exposure, Cali did well and eventually moved away from the wall, even if it was for just a few moments. Annie really liked trying to skate. It wasn't easy keeping her upright. Fortunately for me, she didn't mind being on the ice either. In fact she liked trying to make snow angels on it, which didn't really work, but was fun to watch.

After that, I will admit my failure as a mother, I didn't go to her classroom party. I had to let Annie get a little nap, and frankly I was tired too. 

After Annie rested, and I switched a load of laundry and made a few darling little Valentines for Cali to take to cheer, Annie and I headed to watch Cassi play volleyball. It wasn't a good team day but Cassi did well. It seems she is destined to be a middle hitter! Dang, she had mad skills today! I gave her some suckers to pass out to her teammates but she wanted nothing to do with that. She was very angry about losing and really evaluated where the problems occurred today. I had to drop her off at the house after the game to give her a few minutes alone while Cali and I raced to cheer.

While I was driving Cali across town then coming back to get Cassi, she calmed down, thankfully! Then she made herself a cute little cut-up t-shirt to wear to cheer herself. Since its Valentine's Day, there was a no-practice-gear invitation and the girls were allowed to dress in red and pink. One of her prizes she received this morning was a pair of heart socks. Perfect timing, or her mom has inside information from the Coach and knew she'd have a chance to wear them to practice today! Wink, Wink!

While Cassi was at cheer, Cali got into her jammies, ate cereal for dinner, and pretty much had a sugar nose-dive. She crashed!

While all of this was going on, Cori was playing a screamin' hard game of basketball, actually 2, then Scott took her to dinner with her boyfriend and his mom. Awka, awkward! 

Me, I'm going to pass out, along side my girls, and dream about the Most Awesomely, Funny, Fun, Sweet, Giving, Rockin', Valentiney, Valentine's Day EVER!

**I just wanted to mention, I don't normally detail every movement we make in a day however I've noticed lately that I am missing the personal element from a lot of my old-time favorite blogs. It seems everyone is only posting details to a project they made or a product they are endorsing. I don't do any of those things really but I haven't been posting a lot either. I'd hoped this year I'd do a better job of it. I'm still working on it but I want to make sure I keep it personal. Hope you understand and won't find it too boring. :)

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

She Did It, She Did It, Yay, Ella Hicimos!!

It's been a long time coming but she did it!

I didn't get any video of what it took to get her to this point. I actually threw her under the water! (or tried- she flailed pretty wildly and mostly landed on her feet) She was crying and fussing and I am pretty certain there were people who were considering turning Scott and I into the authorities. I finally told her I wouldn't force her anymore and she had to decide if she wanted to do it or not and through her tears she said, "Whatever, go ahead and do it!"  So, I dunked her! And dunked her again. And a few more times after that!

And from that, we made our way to the water slide. She desperately wanted to go down that slide alone. She did it! It wasn't pretty, but she did it. (She was a little scared because she turned a little sideways at some point on the way down.) She even went back and did it again! Woot! Woot!

I think we are getting really close to those swimming lessons I've been threatening her with for years.
I've been giving a lot of thought to whether or not she'd make a great swimmer lately. It's an odd thing to think about considering none of my children have ever been really comfortable in the water but after hearing my friend Misty talk about the success one of her older girls in swimming (and never having thought of it before- she is 12) I wondered if it might be right up Cali's alley. If she'd learn to swim of course.

All this brought us to taking a jaunt to the swimming pool over Christmas break. We don't get to the pool as often as we'd like. It's kind of a hassle getting there but once we are there we always have a great time.

Cali didn't take a friend, which was good given the whole torture thing. She really did scream that a time or two. "Why are you torturing me?!?!?!?" and "This is TORTURE!!"

Cori took her boyfriend which went surprisingly well. I think he had fun with the family.

Cassi took her best friend (or one of them) Caleigh. They are a hoot together!
(I have a picture of the two of them too but it keeps loading upside down. As soon as I get it figured out I'll add it.)

It was a good start to the new year. I'm' hoping to get out there again soon. I'll keep you up to date on the lesson thing. I have to make sure she won't accuse anyone of torture first!  :)

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Here is our annual First Picture of the New Year!

As usual, it was quite funny trying to get the perfect picture. You will see, by the video below that we took one or two good ones and then pandemonium ensued. Big dogs make big chaos!  Wren was in Colorado this year, so for the first time in longer than I can remember, he wasn't going to be in our annual First picture! We were all missing him and the thought of him not being in our picture was a bit too much, SO, we fixed that by printing a picture of him and holding it up.

I don't really believe in making resolutions for the new year however I have thought that I should try harder to update this blog more often. So if I had to say what my New Year's Resolution is, it keeping track of our family life better via this blog.

I do take a daily picture and post it here (I am a bit behind in posting but the pictures have been taken!)
but I miss the stories I used to share. I have to find the time somewhere. Keep you fingers crossed for me, it won't be an easy resolution to keep.

Here is wishing all of you a year filled with Happiness, Joy, Peace, and Goodwill!
Happy 2013!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ode to the 8 Year Old Birthday Girl

It's really that day. The day Cali turns 8 years old. I can hardly stand it and if I dwell on it, I'll cry.
This however brought a smile to my heart!
We all love Cali Bay...She is the blessing we didn't expect and couldn't live without!

A poem from her big sister...

Well lets just start with saying happy birthday Cal! 
I wanted to say how much I love you, and how much I love you being my pal :)

You're such a sweet girl, with a very kind heart. 

Your smile is like a key to a car, it makes everyone start!

Your laugh is irreplaceable, so high and cute! 

Just make sure you keep that up, cause what's not too cute is when you toot!

My oh my, where has time gone?!
You've become a amazing person, just keep growing along :)

I know you'll do great things, I know you'll have fun. 

You'll create something brighter than that big sun!

You'll make people happy, you'll share what you know. 

You'll do what you love. And never stop, just go, go, go!

I can't believe your already 8!
Man, oh man. I hope your birthdays great! 

Don't grow up too fast, I'll miss you too much!
You'll start wearing bras, dating boys, and such!

I hope you have a fabulous day!
Mwah! I love you more than words can say!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

It's On! Cali's Clothes Challenge

Recently, Cali and I decided to go through her clothes. We pulled out everything that didn't fit and gave them to Annie. Cali was so fortunate to have darling little clothes passed down from her sisters and given to her by her Great Aunts and her Grandparents. There are so many things in her closet, there are even things with tags just hanging there.

We didn't buy a lot of clothes for the start of school this year but after sorting her closet I am so glad we didn't. I decided to try and make things fun for her so I offered her a challenge.  First, we hypothesized, how long do you think you can go without wearing the same outfit twice? I thought a  month sounded about right but she thought two months. We did decide jeans could be used twice and shoes are not included. Otherwise, nothing more than one time.

We decided we would try to photograph each outfit in order to help us remember. A couple of days we forgot to do that. (I had to write it down separately.)

We will update as we go but here is what we have so far.
We are on day 10. What is your guess, how many days will we make it?