amongst friends

amongst friends #10
The Letter G

Has it been a week already? I struggled a LOT to figure out what to contribute for G. I ended up looking back through loads of photos to summer 2008 for my contribution. I tried to get a picture of a grader, which we deal with often here on our roads but it turns out I photographed a plow truck! Dang! Doesn't work so well. Can you figure out everyone's contributions. I think you can. Let me know what you think.

Frank Golf ball

amongst friends #9
The Letter F

I personally had several ideas and took many pictures this week. Had I not already posted our First Family picture of the New Year, I would have used that. I am not sure my family would have waited to see the family picture and I don't like to use pictures twice so I ventured into new directions. I had pictures of ice Fishing, and Fog (a few different options) and thought of many others. I ended up using this picture in hopes that again, I offered a small peek into the images of Alaska.

Do you ever think about what you would take a picture of, given the chance. Here it is, your chance, next weeks letter is G. Have a GREAT time!


amongst friends #8
The Letter E

Some weeks it is just flat out hard to come up with a connection to a letter. I struggled with the letter E. And I know Kelly did too, a little. This has turned out to be very fun for me and the others too. I love to see how everyone else decides to get their pictures. Often it turns out that the best you can do is look in the dictionary, pick a word and go take a picture. And that's OK. Sometimes there is more meaning behind the picture, I guess everyone uses the project differently. So what would you photograph for "F"? If you think of something be sure to share it with us.


amongst friends #7
The Letter D

I split the pictures into two parts this week. I wanted you to see my picture in a wider angle and close up.
Do you see the D connection? I have edited last weeks pictures with the descriptions. Did you guess correctly?
Join us for The Letter E, next week!

Jenny-She used Disney or it could be decoration.
Frank- He was still holding onto the cop-connection with donuts.
Kelly-Hers was the obvious with dog.
Christie-Mine was dangerous. I didn't think most of you would have ever seen a danger warning for snowmachining. They are everywhere here in Alaska.

amongst friends #6
The letter C
Be sure to click on this picture to see a better view of everyone's interpretation of  "C"
***Edit-Cassi's picture was a CUPCAKE  dropped perfectly in the school parking lot. Franks picture was CUFFS. Mine was fairly obvious with Church. Jenny's was COLOR and Kelly's was a plant called a CROTON.

We are still going strong. amongst friends has become one of my most favorite challenges of the week. (Taking a second only to "A Little Gratefulness) My kids have gotten involved and often look for photo opportunities. For my friend Kelly, I think it has almost been a healing process. It's given me the chance to become better friends with Jenny and Frank for which I am very grateful.  And more than anything, my children and I are looking around our world with new interest.  Now if I could just get Scott to get involved. ;)  I'm going to work on him next. And how about you?  Would you like to join us? Leave a comment and let me know you have. I'd love to see your photo next week- The Letter is "D".

amongst friends #5
The Letter B

You are invited to join us. Look around your world, find your connection and share your picture.
Next week, the Letter "C"
*Isn't it awesome that the kids are joining in. :)

Cori-Beautiful & Blue
Christie-Black & Ball
Kelly- Book
Cassi- Blue

amongst friends #4

We decided to go with letters of the alphabet rather than themes for a while. This will broaden the opportunities and lessen limitations while still giving some guidance. Cori and Cali participated this week. They are 12 and 5 respectively. What would you choose to represent the letter A. Join us if you like, next week is the Letter B.

There is more info here.

amongst friends #3

Theme- WHITE

Christie-AK; Kelly-FL
Frank-AL; Jenny-AL

*Frank adds-Used everyday and underappreciated

amongst friends #2

Christie-AK; Jenny-AL

I am late posting this week. I was out of town and one friend has no picture to offer. I will edit if she gets to it! ;)

The theme was motion.  To understand amongst friends, go here. Join us next week if you would like.

Theme for next week- WHITE.

amongst friends #1

Well, I am beginning a new journey on my blog this week, with friends.

Once a week I will post a collage of photos that were taken by friends.
We are a group of friends from all over; Alaska, Florida, Alabama. We are 3 long time friends. We hope to add more friends  as our journey grows. I invite you to join us. Send me your photo by Saturday and I will add it to our collage each Sunday.

For now, since this is somewhat a new experience for a few of us, we will offer a theme. I hope that as we progress we will no longer need one.

So, without further adieu, I give you "Fall", amongst friends.

The theme for the upcoming week is "motion".

*Edit- I was inspired to do this by a wonderful blog ApplesforPoppyAnne who has a similar project titled Earth's Best Sunday's. She in turn was inspired by a book Titled "A Year of Mornings". Be sure to check it out and if you'd like to offer your view of the world amongst friends, please do.