Friday, May 18, 2007

*Cassi Receives Coach's Award*

Well not that I don't brag but I truly try not to. As a mom, it's hard not to and hopefully those who know me well, know it's pride that causes me to share. And love; the love I have for my children and the love I have for others whom I believe want to be apart of their lives.

In all honesty, tonight I just want to BRAG! I am so proud!

Cassi had her first ever Cheer Banquet tonight. It was a pretty laid back affair but other than that we really didn't know what to expect of the evening. We were simply invited and wouldn't have missed it.

There were 4 girls on Cassi's mini team this year. Actually we started with 6 but by the end, we were down to 4. All of the girls received medals for their participation and then they awarded a Coach's award. They explained that it was chosen by the coach's and was awarded for commitment, focus, concentration, dedication and skill. Cassi's name was called and we were so excited. Being that it related to younger girls I was very conscientious that I didn't want anyone's feelings hurt but I wanted to jump up and down. Cassi is rarely one for the spotlight however she was glowing as she walked back to her chair.

There really aren't any other details other than to say I could not wait to tell everyone we knew. I know you all will be excited too. Thank you for allowing me this place to share and for following this blog that I enjoy sharing with.

Love you!