Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cassi's First Cheer Competition

Well we survived it. No we didn't just survive it, we reveled in it.
There were more problems with in the day than I could share with you here but still, I would delcare it a glorious day. I believe I saw Cassi's passion is it's truest form yesterday. Now I will admit it may be simply because it's new but I need to believe that even if that's the case, she felt empowered by her passion yesterday.

When we arrived at the High School that was hosting the event, we were told that our performance time was going to be 2 hours later than we anticipated. Since we arrived 2 hours ahead of what we thought our performance time was, it made for a long wait ahead of us. No matter to Cassi however, she just decided to prance around a little and show what she could do. She immediatley started doing bits of her routine in the commons area, grinning about the whole experience the entire time.

Every parent wishes for thier child confidence, happiness, joy and so many other wonderful things. I've often wondered for sure if Cassi felt all of the wonderful things I have wished for her. After this weekend I know she has. She was in her element. And for now, she is right where she is meant to be.

As Cassi will tell you, they won the competition for their age group and level. But the BEST news of the night was that they won the biggest trophy of the night too! There was a special PEOPLE'S CHOICE award that they had the honor of receiving. It was a very nice surprise for everyone involved. Cassi really like the size of it and the fact that they even won over the biggest girls who could do back handsprings and everything! It was our first experience and although it was a long day (and night) it was worth all that had went into it! I really hope you feel it in the pictures and assuming you do, I'm smiling with you! Thanks for reading this and feeling good for my girl!

Look for our new photos after this weekend. We're off again. We will get to perform 2 nights in a row and we will be in Anchorage all weekend. Think good thoughts!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Birthday Fairy Visits Cali

Another visit from the Birthday Fairy.
And I know it's worth it.
Cali had such a good morning. It was a little rushed since she watned to do everything and it was a school day but she loved every minute of the moment! And so did I! The birthday Fairy brought gifts and decorations and fun!

The day was pretty quiet although Cali shared with most everyone the fact that it was her birthday. When asked what the day was, she exclaimed "Dora birthday!" I suppose that was due to the decorations. When asked how old she was, she replied "5" to which I would say " old are you?" and then she would say "2". Now when you ask her she will say "2" but it took a while. She liked being 5 just fine. I like her being 2 better.

We went to McDonalds for her birthday dinner. I thought it was only fair since sitting still and quiet isn't the greatest fun for a girl whose 2. My Dad and family came in for dinner and cupcakes.

The greates part of the entire day for me was singing "Happy Birthday" to my baby. She still loves to have it sung to her and she was thrilled to blow out the candles. When she blew them out the first time, she immediatly said "again" just like I knew she would and we lit those candles again and sang another round just like she knew we would. In all we probably lit those candles and sang Happy Birthday about 10 times. Near the last time Amber (my sister) said " why don't you video it with the camera." We did.

Cali and I ended the day in our cozy jammies talking about how great the day was and watching "Gascar"(Madagascar). I will keep it in my heart right with all the rest of those birthdays!

A Fall Trip To the Hay Maze

Well, we've been before but htat makes it no less fun than it was again this year. Our local bible camp offers a fantastic Hay Maze every year for the community. Groups of people can reserve the maze and attend for 2 hours for about $5.00 a person. It is so fun.

Tha maze is built out of hay amongst 2 stories of a barn. It is a tight squeeze heading in and remains that way through out moost of the maze. If you are clausterphobic, it probably isn't the best choice of fun for you. I tend to be a bit tense in tight places however I do pretty well as long as I can follow someone and can keep thier feet in sight at all times.

This year the girls were completly at ease traveling through the maze with friends and left us in the dust (literally) most of the time. It is dark and you need to carry a flashlight at least for the first trip. Once you've found the correct path( there are tricks every now and then) the second trip often beckons crawlers with no light for the fun and thrill of it.

I only went through twice this year, once with my Dad ans once with Scott. Being a little slow, Scott actually crawled over me and tried to leave me behind but I didn't let him get away.

I wish you all were here. What fun we would have.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Friday October 13th

Well, it's funny how things seem to work out. Cori and Cassi have been asking me to take them to the local animal shelter for a while now. Last Wednesday I went ahead and took them by to have a look. We didn't figure we would find a dog for us being that we have always been on the hunt for a little animal. In the last cage there was this huge mowgli looking dog sitting quietly just staring at us. Cori loved him immediately, Cassi wasn't so sure. His size frightened her a little. I personally fell in love with the guy myself but didn't say much. Never in my life have I been a fan of large animals but he seemed to need me. We didn't pet him but we did go home and tell Scott all about him. I had been told he was likely a mastiff and Chesapeake mix. Kelly did a little research for me on the internet and found that they seemed to be great family dogs albeit a bit on the protective side. We did know from the shelter that he had a corn allergy but I hear it is common in the mastiff breed.

Scott and I went to the shelter the next day and spent the lunch hour with him. We put him through a few tests which he seemed to pass. I was still leery so the next day I went by to see him again with only Cali and I. They were giving him a bath so we stayed to help.

He has always been so calm and seems great with the kids. We stopped later that afternoon with Cori and Cassi to let them get near him as they hadn't been allowed to thus far. We took him for a short walk outside. Needless to say, Friday was his day. He came home with us. We have been very cautious as I still carry my past experiences with me but it seems for now, it was meant to be. His name is Tillman.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Cali go to Chuck E. Cheese 'morrow!

Well it already time...almost. Cali's birthday is coming soon and we are trying to stay on top of things. Unfortunately Scott is going to be gone on her actual day this year. We didn't want him to miss all the fun so we decided to take a quick trip to Anchorage to visit Chuck E. Cheese for Cali's birthday.

We had been planning for this for a week or so but it almost didn't happen. On thursday night Scott went to soccer practice with Cori and Cassi while Cali and I went to the store to get a few things for her cake. She had been a little under the weather with a cold but nothing serious. By the time we left the store her eyes were very red and I knew there was more to it than I originally thought.

We left the store and went straight for the medicenter. Fortunately it is open late. Sure enough, she had pink eye and a very aggitated nose. We started her on the eye drops right way so nothing would get in the way of our Chucky trip.

On Friday the girls told her she would be going to Chuck E. Cheese tomorrow. She was happy and teetering around like normal. Early evening, the tides were turning or something because she went downhill, FAST! Around 10:00 we thought we were headed to the emergency room and we called the couple of friends that were meeting us for the party and told them we wouldn't be coming. We managed to hold out from the E.R., gave Cali some Motrin (twice). The first time it didn't agree with her stomach and she let us know quick. I didn't like that! After she disposed of the original dose she seemed slightly better so we waited a little while and tried it again. This time it stayed down and she finally managed to sleep.

She woke at 8:00 in the morning and in Scott's words "was ready to party". She immediatly said "I go Chuck E. Cheese 'morrow." :-) You can guess what we thought when we heard that. We knew we were headed to Chuck E. Cheese. We got a bit of a late start and the cake probably wasn't as fancy as it ususally is but we had fun!!!

All of the kids we invited made it. She played game and rode rides and even danced a little with Chuck e. She would not hold him but she did give him a "high-five". She really enjoyed the little crown they gave her and she also loved blowing out the candles. I think we sang two or three times. It was incredibly warm there; I think half of Anchorage was visiting.

We had a long trip home but it wasn't too bad. Everyone was tired
and slept most of the way home. We all hit the hay pretty quick
except for Scott who had a recorder GATOR game to watch.

Cali woke up happy and ready to play with her presents. Cori
bought her a Dora birthday cake set and she is still making them sing as I write this now. I wondered aloud to Scott if she would be confused when the birthday fairy came to visit on the 18th but he assures me the only confusion will be when the girls stop singing "Happy Birthday to you!"

Goodbye my friend.

As most of you know after so many years, we have boys in this family. While they aren't really my sons and neither are they blood related siblings to the girls, they are family nonetheless. Not only do they mean the world to me but their parents do as well. Holly has become a true friend and a constant in my life. I know it is our children who bond us but it is our friendship that is concrete. Rocky is a great husband, father and friend. He too is very special to us.

After being friends for so many years our family has become quite close with theirs. I met Holly's mother Milly better known as Mutz many years ago when Barry was small and Wren was barely a dream. For whatever reason, she and I became quite close even if only in the way of distant family. We both kept up on each other through family, occasionally exchanged a card or too and looked forward to seeing each other once a year, at Wren's birthday party in August. She has been a queen, a conqueror and explorer and more.

She was an example of how to live and how to enjoy. She was a wonderful grandmother. She never failed to share her stories with the kids and enjoyed hearing and reading about simple stories of life and learning with the kids here. Once of her gifts was reading and explanation. She always made sure the kids understood what she read to them, even the funnies!
She loved flowers and I loved to see her decorate their outside planters every year just to make things colorful. We have shared art and shopping and kids and lives full of memories.

While I haven't met all of her children, I know of them all. She was incredibly proud of their accomplishments, their families and of the relationship she had with each of them. She shared a lot with me about them all. The same goes for all of her grandchildren. I always loved to see the calendars that came out at Christmas because she and I would share them in August. She would tell what she knew of each moment and the smile in her eyes was wonderful as she spoke.

My friend Mutz passed away Friday morning. She had a stroke earlier in the week and took a turn for the worse Friday. After some complications she simply decided it was time and went on her way. I imagine she was looking forward to seeing her husband; he had gone on before her many years before. I did get to see her this past August and it was as great as it always is. The flowers were out and the party was in motion. She was grinning all day making the rounds and talking with everyone. This year she spent most of the day as the queen; we played live chess. She was amazed at the imagination that went into the day. I was just glad to be with her. She was my friend and I will miss her.
Until we meet again Mutz... We love you!