Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Birthday Fairy Visits Cali

Another visit from the Birthday Fairy.
And I know it's worth it.
Cali had such a good morning. It was a little rushed since she watned to do everything and it was a school day but she loved every minute of the moment! And so did I! The birthday Fairy brought gifts and decorations and fun!

The day was pretty quiet although Cali shared with most everyone the fact that it was her birthday. When asked what the day was, she exclaimed "Dora birthday!" I suppose that was due to the decorations. When asked how old she was, she replied "5" to which I would say " old are you?" and then she would say "2". Now when you ask her she will say "2" but it took a while. She liked being 5 just fine. I like her being 2 better.

We went to McDonalds for her birthday dinner. I thought it was only fair since sitting still and quiet isn't the greatest fun for a girl whose 2. My Dad and family came in for dinner and cupcakes.

The greates part of the entire day for me was singing "Happy Birthday" to my baby. She still loves to have it sung to her and she was thrilled to blow out the candles. When she blew them out the first time, she immediatly said "again" just like I knew she would and we lit those candles again and sang another round just like she knew we would. In all we probably lit those candles and sang Happy Birthday about 10 times. Near the last time Amber (my sister) said " why don't you video it with the camera." We did.

Cali and I ended the day in our cozy jammies talking about how great the day was and watching "Gascar"(Madagascar). I will keep it in my heart right with all the rest of those birthdays!

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