Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Fall Trip To the Hay Maze

Well, we've been before but htat makes it no less fun than it was again this year. Our local bible camp offers a fantastic Hay Maze every year for the community. Groups of people can reserve the maze and attend for 2 hours for about $5.00 a person. It is so fun.

Tha maze is built out of hay amongst 2 stories of a barn. It is a tight squeeze heading in and remains that way through out moost of the maze. If you are clausterphobic, it probably isn't the best choice of fun for you. I tend to be a bit tense in tight places however I do pretty well as long as I can follow someone and can keep thier feet in sight at all times.

This year the girls were completly at ease traveling through the maze with friends and left us in the dust (literally) most of the time. It is dark and you need to carry a flashlight at least for the first trip. Once you've found the correct path( there are tricks every now and then) the second trip often beckons crawlers with no light for the fun and thrill of it.

I only went through twice this year, once with my Dad ans once with Scott. Being a little slow, Scott actually crawled over me and tried to leave me behind but I didn't let him get away.

I wish you all were here. What fun we would have.

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