Sunday, October 08, 2006

Goodbye my friend.

As most of you know after so many years, we have boys in this family. While they aren't really my sons and neither are they blood related siblings to the girls, they are family nonetheless. Not only do they mean the world to me but their parents do as well. Holly has become a true friend and a constant in my life. I know it is our children who bond us but it is our friendship that is concrete. Rocky is a great husband, father and friend. He too is very special to us.

After being friends for so many years our family has become quite close with theirs. I met Holly's mother Milly better known as Mutz many years ago when Barry was small and Wren was barely a dream. For whatever reason, she and I became quite close even if only in the way of distant family. We both kept up on each other through family, occasionally exchanged a card or too and looked forward to seeing each other once a year, at Wren's birthday party in August. She has been a queen, a conqueror and explorer and more.

She was an example of how to live and how to enjoy. She was a wonderful grandmother. She never failed to share her stories with the kids and enjoyed hearing and reading about simple stories of life and learning with the kids here. Once of her gifts was reading and explanation. She always made sure the kids understood what she read to them, even the funnies!
She loved flowers and I loved to see her decorate their outside planters every year just to make things colorful. We have shared art and shopping and kids and lives full of memories.

While I haven't met all of her children, I know of them all. She was incredibly proud of their accomplishments, their families and of the relationship she had with each of them. She shared a lot with me about them all. The same goes for all of her grandchildren. I always loved to see the calendars that came out at Christmas because she and I would share them in August. She would tell what she knew of each moment and the smile in her eyes was wonderful as she spoke.

My friend Mutz passed away Friday morning. She had a stroke earlier in the week and took a turn for the worse Friday. After some complications she simply decided it was time and went on her way. I imagine she was looking forward to seeing her husband; he had gone on before her many years before. I did get to see her this past August and it was as great as it always is. The flowers were out and the party was in motion. She was grinning all day making the rounds and talking with everyone. This year she spent most of the day as the queen; we played live chess. She was amazed at the imagination that went into the day. I was just glad to be with her. She was my friend and I will miss her.
Until we meet again Mutz... We love you!

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