Tuesday, December 19, 2006

We Believe!

Merry Christmas from the Far North! It's a cold and pretty dismal day but it's certainly feeling like Christmas around these parts. We are finally accumulating a little snow, not that I long for it but it does make it feel a little more holiday-like.

On Sunday, our local Boys & Girls club sponsored a Fun with Santa day. The girls were able to go visit with the REAL Santa. There were projects to make and tables with gifts to purchase. There was lots of goodies to try and fun to be had by everyone.

Cali had only one other experience with Santa ( a helper) this year and she really didn't like it. I wasn't prepared that time so I wasn't to upset not getting photos. I had high hopes on Sunday though and the angels were looking down on us!

Right when we got there we took a number and waited for our turn. Cali looked on while we waited eyeballing the big guy. I was getting nervous, wondering if she was really going to go through with it. I had been preparing her for weeks. She told me she was going to ask Santa to bring her presents. When I asked what kind of presents, she always responded with a color; red ones or green ones.

Well our turn came quickly. Cassi went first. I am unsure what she asked for but she seemed to enjoy chatting with him. Cori went next and made it quite clear that she was taking part in this for my benefit only! I'd had a rough couple days previously; I think she was feeling bad for me. Whatever works I guess.

Cali went up last. She was a little apprehensive but up she went. She got on his lap and took a couple of pictures. Then I asked her if she was going to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas. She brightened up so much, glared right in his eyes and said "I want Dora Fairytale. You bring me Dora Fairytale?"

For a while now, she has seen a Dora commercial on TV and when she does she says " I want that. I love it, my favorite." The funny thing is I didn't plan on getting it for her for Christmas. Now I've been looking for it. I told my older two Santa better find it because I can't. Of course, I am sure Santa will come through. I AM A BELIEVER!

Merry Christmas from Alaska.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Merry Christmas from Cassi the Angel

Cassi's long anticipated debut was last night. The annual Christmas performance was held with almost 200 1st and 2nd graders giving one fantastic performance.

Cassi and her friend Lara were chosen to be angels this year. It was Cassi's first ever special solo-like part in a school show. The had to sing 2 short verses of a song titled "Snow is falling".

Even though Cori did not perform in this particular show she was asked to be a greeter and pass out programs. She was very festive and full of spirit. It was a good job for her.
She also spent some time singing with Grandpa and her friend Emily during intermission. It was very fun.

Since Cassi's part of the performance came a little later in the night, we had some time to waste in the corridor. While we were waiting we took a couple photos with friends. Two of them showed up unplanned in identical dresses. On the left is Cierra and on the right is Ericka.

After the performance we took a few photos. Cassi was very excited to receive roses from Mommy AND from Grandpa & GiGi.
We decided to be a bit untraditional and give her music teacher chocolate rather than flowers which she adored. Her name is Mrs. Larson and she is incredibly talented. She has been teaching for over 20 years in the area and is truly loved!

After the show there was a Santa helper there visiting. We tried to talk Cali into chatting with him. She stared at him a while and thought a lot about it but in the end decided now wasn't the time.
All in all Cassi was our shining star in the night. Her voice was beautiful and I couldn't have been more proud. Neither could she. I would imagine this will be one of those memories that are burned into her thoughts for a long time. She was glowing all night. Looking at the photos, I'm sure you understand when I tell you I was as well.

Here area a few photos I managed to snap of the girls prior to leaving the house.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 06, 2006

~Something to make you smile~

Since Cassi and I spent the weeknd in Anchorage for another cheerleading event and Cori had a show to participate in here in town, Cori had to stay here with a friend while we were away.

I went to pick her up Sunday night. Things were pretty quiet in the car for a short time ( we were all pretty tired) but then Cori said " Mom, I have decided what I am going to be when I grow up". I was certainly excited to hear she was thinking about it so I asked her what that would be. The conversation went pretty much like this, "Well Mom, you know how boys always get to do everything and often girls get looked over, I want that to stop so I am going to be President. Or I might be a proffessional soccer player." At this time, I was smiling and thinking of something clever to say when she added "Or I am going to work in a coffee shop." At this point I was trying not to choke on the coffee I was drinking and trying hard to keep it from coming out of my nose. About 30 seconds passed when I she spoke again. She said, "Hey Mom, that last one, is only if the first two don't work out!"

Anybody have a tissue...my nose is dripping!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween season was a little slower this year than in other years. Our good friend Miss Holly, the Queen of Halloween is still in Texas. Missing her, we decided having the Halloween party we usually have just wouldn't be the same without her. Even without that going on, it seemed like a busy couple of days.

Scott was able to carve a pumpkin with the girls before he left. They had a lot of fun and really scared me with it after they were done carving him.
There was an electricity outage when I walked through the door and I just wasn't expecting that guy! Take note of the fancy stitches on his face. Cali wasn't sure if she liked him or not. She never did get too close when the lights were out.

We started out our day out with our SCHOOL costumes. Cali also had kindermusic class so she was able to share with her friends too. She really liked passing out candy to them. And eating it too!

I decided to dress up with the girls this year. I knew I would be spending the day amongst the 3 of their schools so I thought I'd have a little fun too. I was Tigger and Cali spent most of the day telling me I needed to BOUNCE!

Cori dressed up as a 1920's Hollywood Movie Star (Seriously, that is what she called it!)
I found the dress for her and she accessorized the rest of the outfit. She especially liked the boa and the gloves. I thought she did a pretty good job.

Cassi was a butterfly princess. Can you imagine? She was as beautiful as she is every year, don't you think? She had very dainty wings and a wonderful butterfly wand and a real tiara. I especially liked the shoes. They brightened up the outfit and were very cute. She floated around most of the day.

Cali was Lil' Red Riding Hood. The hood was a little big and it didn't stay on all the time. Mostly because she would flip it off. We tried to take several photos but she is just too quick for me. This one isn't too bad.

I actually had them go outside in 30 degree weather to get this photo. What troopers, huh?

For Trick or treating, Cori decided to be what she calls a Hippy, ( She claims this means a girl who wears baggy pants, a sloppy shirt, hat turned sideways and so on.) I did try to explain that really that's called a BUM! Wren was Dracula albeit a nice fluffy one!

Cassi went as a monkey. It was a warm outfit. Maybe too warm, or maybe it was just a long day!

Cali went as a frog.

She liked trick or treating but truthfully it was along day and she only lasted a little while. We were home by about 8:00 and as you can see, eveyone was a little weary looking through the loot. Ok, well Cori, she was on a sugar high. I think she snuck Reeces under her pillow!

Hope your Halloween was fun too. And on to Thanksgiving! I have so much to be Thankful for, I think I'll start making my list now!
Love you all!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cassi's First Cheer Competition

Well we survived it. No we didn't just survive it, we reveled in it.
There were more problems with in the day than I could share with you here but still, I would delcare it a glorious day. I believe I saw Cassi's passion is it's truest form yesterday. Now I will admit it may be simply because it's new but I need to believe that even if that's the case, she felt empowered by her passion yesterday.

When we arrived at the High School that was hosting the event, we were told that our performance time was going to be 2 hours later than we anticipated. Since we arrived 2 hours ahead of what we thought our performance time was, it made for a long wait ahead of us. No matter to Cassi however, she just decided to prance around a little and show what she could do. She immediatley started doing bits of her routine in the commons area, grinning about the whole experience the entire time.

Every parent wishes for thier child confidence, happiness, joy and so many other wonderful things. I've often wondered for sure if Cassi felt all of the wonderful things I have wished for her. After this weekend I know she has. She was in her element. And for now, she is right where she is meant to be.

As Cassi will tell you, they won the competition for their age group and level. But the BEST news of the night was that they won the biggest trophy of the night too! There was a special PEOPLE'S CHOICE award that they had the honor of receiving. It was a very nice surprise for everyone involved. Cassi really like the size of it and the fact that they even won over the biggest girls who could do back handsprings and everything! It was our first experience and although it was a long day (and night) it was worth all that had went into it! I really hope you feel it in the pictures and assuming you do, I'm smiling with you! Thanks for reading this and feeling good for my girl!

Look for our new photos after this weekend. We're off again. We will get to perform 2 nights in a row and we will be in Anchorage all weekend. Think good thoughts!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Birthday Fairy Visits Cali

Another visit from the Birthday Fairy.
And I know it's worth it.
Cali had such a good morning. It was a little rushed since she watned to do everything and it was a school day but she loved every minute of the moment! And so did I! The birthday Fairy brought gifts and decorations and fun!

The day was pretty quiet although Cali shared with most everyone the fact that it was her birthday. When asked what the day was, she exclaimed "Dora birthday!" I suppose that was due to the decorations. When asked how old she was, she replied "5" to which I would say "No..how old are you?" and then she would say "2". Now when you ask her she will say "2" but it took a while. She liked being 5 just fine. I like her being 2 better.

We went to McDonalds for her birthday dinner. I thought it was only fair since sitting still and quiet isn't the greatest fun for a girl whose 2. My Dad and family came in for dinner and cupcakes.

The greates part of the entire day for me was singing "Happy Birthday" to my baby. She still loves to have it sung to her and she was thrilled to blow out the candles. When she blew them out the first time, she immediatly said "again" just like I knew she would and we lit those candles again and sang another round just like she knew we would. In all we probably lit those candles and sang Happy Birthday about 10 times. Near the last time Amber (my sister) said " why don't you video it with the camera." We did.

Cali and I ended the day in our cozy jammies talking about how great the day was and watching "Gascar"(Madagascar). I will keep it in my heart right with all the rest of those birthdays!

A Fall Trip To the Hay Maze

Well, we've been before but htat makes it no less fun than it was again this year. Our local bible camp offers a fantastic Hay Maze every year for the community. Groups of people can reserve the maze and attend for 2 hours for about $5.00 a person. It is so fun.

Tha maze is built out of hay amongst 2 stories of a barn. It is a tight squeeze heading in and remains that way through out moost of the maze. If you are clausterphobic, it probably isn't the best choice of fun for you. I tend to be a bit tense in tight places however I do pretty well as long as I can follow someone and can keep thier feet in sight at all times.

This year the girls were completly at ease traveling through the maze with friends and left us in the dust (literally) most of the time. It is dark and you need to carry a flashlight at least for the first trip. Once you've found the correct path( there are tricks every now and then) the second trip often beckons crawlers with no light for the fun and thrill of it.

I only went through twice this year, once with my Dad ans once with Scott. Being a little slow, Scott actually crawled over me and tried to leave me behind but I didn't let him get away.

I wish you all were here. What fun we would have.