Monday, November 06, 2006

~Something to make you smile~

Since Cassi and I spent the weeknd in Anchorage for another cheerleading event and Cori had a show to participate in here in town, Cori had to stay here with a friend while we were away.

I went to pick her up Sunday night. Things were pretty quiet in the car for a short time ( we were all pretty tired) but then Cori said " Mom, I have decided what I am going to be when I grow up". I was certainly excited to hear she was thinking about it so I asked her what that would be. The conversation went pretty much like this, "Well Mom, you know how boys always get to do everything and often girls get looked over, I want that to stop so I am going to be President. Or I might be a proffessional soccer player." At this time, I was smiling and thinking of something clever to say when she added "Or I am going to work in a coffee shop." At this point I was trying not to choke on the coffee I was drinking and trying hard to keep it from coming out of my nose. About 30 seconds passed when I she spoke again. She said, "Hey Mom, that last one, is only if the first two don't work out!"

Anybody have a nose is dripping!

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