Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Can't Believe I Thought of This

I do a lot of projects with my kids and every now and again I think of something cool however often I am just following someone else's idea.

Which is exactly what I was doing today. But...I came up with a twist. :)

You see the other day we made an apple project (which I will post soon) using real apples for prints. I am not usually a fan of using food for projects, unless they are edible. It just seems wasteful in general to me so I most often avoid those activities.

This time, I wanted something specific and figured it was the only way so I cut up some apples and got busy. After we were done, I kept looking at the apples and just couldn't bring myself to toss them so I saved them convincing myself another apple print project was in my future.

It was not to be, so today when I saw this Autumn Garland over at Wee Folk Activities I came up with a plan. The project was perfect for Cali and I knew she would love it.

I decided that rather than use felt for leaves I would cut my apples into slices and use them. I let Cali paint all of them that weren't already painted from the previous project. (She even got a little creative.)
Then I dried them and let her string them with the beads instead. See, clever huh? :)

She sat a long time for this project. We don't have a hearth so we hung it from the entry way into our living room.
It probably isn't quite as Autumn looking as theirs but she was able to do this in steps from this morning to early evening and she pretty much owned the entire thing.I did one string also so we would have enough to span the whole area.

And I feel a whole lot better about using those apples for apple prints. :)

Cali's "A"pple Cake

Cali did her first baking yesterday. We have been studying all things apple and of course the letter "A".

She's wanted to bake something for a while. I found this apple upside down cake recipe on the BHG website. I thought it was easy enough for her and we had everything on hand so we went for it.

She even used her own mixer for a bit although it isn't real strong so we moved onto the KitchenAid pretty quick-like.

I left the skin on some of the apples and shouldn't have. She didn't like the texture of that.

Otherwise it was a most delicious cake. I let her cut the first piece.

Her sisters and her Daddy were sure to tell how AMAZING it was.

This morning I told her we were moving on to the letter "P" and we'd make a pumpkin craft and she said "Don't forget the pumpkin pie!"

Wordless Wednesday 9-30

On the corner, this past weekend.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ninilchik Beach

Scott had a job to measure last night in Ninilchik. He has been working so much we haven't been able to spend much time together so the girls and I rode with him.

The guy he was visiting told him the beach was a minute away so we planned on walking the beach while he was there.

We ate our dinner in the car on the drive down. I'm glad we went as Scott was really tired and I think it was better that I drove.

I'd never been down on this beach although I'd driven past this guys house more times than I can count. I just didn't realize there was a route to the beach the way he sent us. It is really nice there. Much like every other beach here but still nice.

We did find one thing different which I am still unsure about. There were rocks all over that reminded me of bricks. They were orange-red in color and had a texture that was almost brick-like. Do you know what they are or why they would be there?

We also found several pieces of sea glass. We were quite proud even though there were no stupendous pieces. It always turns into a challenge or game for us. Last night Cori was the winner. She find the most and one piece that was pretty neat. (Although we can't currently find it-we think it fell on the floor in the kitchen somewhere.) Cali found her first piece ever. I don't think Cassi found any but she doesn't typically get as into the contests as Cori does.

Tell me what you know about sea glass. It is my theory that every time I might have a beer at a bonfire on the beach it should be my duty to break the glass and toss it into the sea, thereby contributing to the collectors of the world.

If I break it first, certainly I take away the floating garbage factor right. I immediately set in motion the polishing process. I'm still unsure though, what do you think? And did you know there is a science and art to sea glass? Seriously, check out this website or this one. There is even a sea glass association. Regardless of how it gets there, we sure have fun looking for it.

This is our view from the beach as the sun set.
Mt. Redoubt

And if we looked back over our shoulder, we saw this.
The old Russian Church
Of course, this was under it but still, it is a quaint little fishing village where every-day people live every-day lives.

While I was watching my girls stroll along, I couldn't help but think how Alaskan they looked. Those of you not from here might not understand but there something about people here that often just looks Alaska. (And I am not talking about being native.)

Cori in her Dad's carhart is just about the epitome of the Alaskan woman.

Cali in her rubber boots and over-sized borrowed coat looking like the child of a fisherman.

And Cassi practicing being a princess on the beach in her uggs and fuzzy hat looking like this is something she does everyday. And it is...almost.

Kind of cool I think. I'm glad we went.

Come visit, we'll take you there. :)

"A" Little Gratefulness ~D~

I hope you will consider joining me in this gratefulness challenge. You can read more about it here.

Here goes it for this week:


- There were many years that I did not have the opportunity to live near my Dad. (My Mom put an awful lot of effort to make sure we were close at heart though.) When he moved to Alaska, I came to visit and sort of knew I'd return someday. And I did. And I am grateful for the time we have had to live near each other. He will always be my Dad and I will always love him but I am equally as grateful that I can honestly say he is one of my closest friends.

dandelions- I feel a bit like my blogger friend who used "anchovies" for "A". She said something like...there probably aren't very many people thankful for anchovies so I will share a little gratitude.

I am guessing there are many people who despise dandelions for the weed they are. I however have learned this past summer the many gifts of the dandelion and so I am very grateful for the weed that it is. Love them!

dinner- This was Cor's suggestion when I asked her on the way to school this morning. I laughed at first but after thinking about it, I think dinner is a pretty important thing on my list of gratefulness.

There are so many people in the world who don't have enough to eat. Possibly even people I know. We are fortunate that our family doesn't have to go without. And not only that, but we most often share dinner time. We talk about the favorite part of our day and we are together. And that is a blessing I hope I never forget to be thankful for.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook 9-28

FOR TODAY 2009-09-28

Outside my window... is a beautiful Fall day beckoning me to forget about the errands I have to run and come play!

I am thinking...that I would much rather be outside playing, hiking, combing the beach or something like that.

I am thankful for...winter soccer finally coming together.

From the learning rooms...We are still studying apples and Autumn and the numbers 1-20.

From the kitchen... Cali is making an upside down apple cake tonight if it kills her, or me!

I am wearing...a cute shirt Scott bought for me in VA. Still not used to it but it isn't a t-shirt or a hoodie so I'm making progress.

I am many things to do today to create anything but I am ALWAYS envisioning something!

I am going...on a drive with Scott and the girls in a little bit. He will do a measure while we check out the beach near the home he is measuring. It's nice when we can be with him even though he is working.

I am reading...the internet.

I am hoping...I figure out a simple solution to some travel conflicts that are looming in my future.

I am hearing...a nickelodeon tv show. Cali is resting.

Around the house...we are closer to having ALL the laundry done. It never really is longer than a minute but for that minute I am so grateful. Of course, I am grateful for all the laundry too truth be told, for with out I'd be missing my husband and kids.

One of my favorite things...Cali's ever increasing vocabulary and dialog. Man is she ever entertaining these days.

A few plans for the rest of the week...figuring out how to make a really cool magic wand that is sparkly with a tiny fairy on the end.

A photo for sharing...

Fall- in the Air.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday 9-21

I had to post this early (Tuesday night) since I won't be around on Wednesday.
redneck hot dog stick :)

"A" Little Gratefulness ~C~

I hope you will consider joining me in this gratefulness challenge. You can read more about it here.

Here goes it for this week:


cori, cassi, cali
- I know it goes with out saying but I am so grateful God gave them to me. That I was trusted to bring them into the world and guide them while we spend our lives together. For this, I am eternally grateful.

children- Not just my own. I love all children and I'm very thankful that my life has often been surrounded by their innocence and joy. How very dull my life would be without the smiles and laughter of children. On a daily basis, some of the most special parts of my day are because of a child.

crushes- I think of this now because two of my girls are just starting to have crushes on boys, on adults they know, on people who are wonderful. It may seem unimportant but, again what I wanted by making this list was to acknowledge things in my life or things that have happened in my life that I'm grateful for that may not always be remembered. Do you remember back in your youth when you first realized you really liked someone but couldn't quite explain why. One might call it love, but I know what love feels like and they are different. I see what is happening with my girls and I remember. And I am grateful to have experienced that many times in my life and I'm grateful they are too. Imagine missing out on that feeling. Aren't you grateful for your crushes too? :)

**Since I am trying to do this to bring awareness to things I am grateful for that may not be obvious I combined my girls into one group. Also, there may be times when one would assume I'd mention more obvious answers for a letter. I will include them somewhere in my list, not to worry. About my girls though, I didn't want them to someday read this list, especially at a time where they may not have the wisdom to understand it all, and think I left them off, so even though it's obvious, here they are! :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Music to my Heart

This is what I came home to the other night. Could anything be sweeter than a beautiful little princess girl playing her flute by the Koi pond on a breezy Autumn afternoon?

Only one playing for an audience. :)

The Simple Woman's Daybook 9-21

FOR TODAY 2009-09-21

Outside my window... it is raining.

I am thinking...about friends. New friends, old friends, lifelong friends, family friends. Each are so valuable to me and I am grateful for all of them.

I am thankful for...the phone call I dreaded making last night turning out better than I'd expected.

From the learning rooms...Cali wants to have an apple week.

From the any ideas? Maybe something with apples?

I am favorite soccer sweats. I am going to wear them out before next summer at this rate.

I am creating...I tried wet felting a stone this morning. Didn't work. Gotta try again in a bit.

I am going...on a field trip with my Cor's class later today. I am so grateful she still likes me to come.

I am reading...People magazine. :)

I am hoping...the weather decides to be nice this coming weekend so we can have a party at the beach. My girls are learning the value of simple living and it's such a beautiful thing.

I am hearing...the fax machine...again.

Around the house...there are clothes everywhere. We are sorting out the things we've grown out of and getting them ready to giveaway.

One of my favorite things...My family. Even when things aren't happening the way I'd like them to, it seems we all just hang in there the best we can and get through it. I'm so grateful we can all see better things at the end of every tunnel and choose to focus on them rather than the less fortunate things happening at the moment.

A few plans for the rest of the week...going to plan for the party in hopes that we can have it.
Keep your finger crossed!
A photo for sharing...The Alaska leaves are changing.

To read more daybook's to a look here.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fleeting Summer

We didn't get to spend much time at the beach this year. It wasn't for lack of doing fun things, it just seemed we are off trying new things this summer.

Once we were back in school with a cold Fall heading our direction, we realized we wanted to be there. So that is what we did.

We wanted to try making a sand volcano, which Mel had mentioned she had done recently with her family on a holiday day trip. I told the girls about it and we gathered a few friends to go experiment with us.

It was a gorgeous day, there was little wind and the sun was baring down upon us like the hottest of summer days.

Before starting our volcano, Cori and two of the boys had a little castle building contest. They had 0nly 10 minutes they decided and since we brought limited tools, they also had to share.

Mostly they just giggled at how fast the time was passing.

Cassi and her friend judged, Cali helped the builders when she could.

In the end the tide won, no medals necessary.

Since the tide was so close, we ended up moving pretty far back from the water's edge to build our volcano. We have fairly wet sand so it would still work and we kept out finger crossed the tide wouldn't come in too far.

We worked quite hard at building the volcano, packing and wetting and packing some more.
Then the kids took turns digging out the hole from the top first, then in from the side. Once done we gathered a bit of small driftwood and a few dead spruce branches.

We lit it and HooRah, it worked.

Once our little fire burned itself out, the big kids headed off to play capture the flag.

I was watching to see where they were running of too, when I turned around I found Cali making her very own sand angel.

After a little while I glanced over in the direction of the volcano and Oh my goodness, the tide was consuming it too.

I called to the kids and when Cali realized what was happening, she started desperately trying to save it. She was running in circles around it, telling me to photograph it from every direction. She was truly devastated.

I finally calmed her down then the kids came and stood on it until the waves surrounded them.

Finally we called everyone's parents for pick up and waited in the parking lot for them to arrive.
The was a huge puddle so I figured there was little harm and hopefully it would remove some of the sand that inevitably makes it's own little castle in my car following one of these trips.

We ended the night following hot showers and cozy bedtime reading, dreaming of the our ability to hang on just a little longer to an Alaskan fleeting summer.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Photography by 3 Sisters and Wren

During our after-party following the Lion King the kids made off with my camera. While it is probably a bit daring letting them have it, it also produces some of the most entertaining photos.

First Wren photographed me with the girls.

Then he attempted action photography.
A series we'll title:
love between sisters

Then Cassi had Wren model for her.

Then she tried her hand at some action.

Cali took pictures of still life.

Then decided I should pose with the beautiful flower.

Cori had to try a few action photos too.

I'm thinking some future photographers are in my midst. What do you think?

After an action-packed, fun-filled weekend, we headed the two and a half hours back down the road, everyone tuckered out with a heart full of memories to sustain us until we are together again.