Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fairy House Close-ups

I told you a little about the girls making fairy houses. Well, I thought I'd show you a few close-ups of the accessories they included. I am tickled with some of their ideas and special touches.

First, you should know they LOVE glitter at the moment. Secondly, they are also inspired by many of the natural fairy homes they've seen over at THE MAGIC ONIONS blog and are coming up with ideas faster than I can find the time to let them create. I am pretty sure they are creating fairy worlds in their dreams.

Our little fairy obsession started a couple years ago with Cassi. She was a grumpy fairy on Halloween when she was 3. :) I LOVE this old picture of her!) To this day she really does love all things fairy and it kind of caught on. At least the art of it. Cori is still not all that into Tinkerbell or commercial type stuff but she loves all things miniature and the idea of tiny magical creatures intrigues her. Cali has caught onto Cassi's obsession and she is hooked on anything that has to do with fairies also.

Anyway, they took such care with adding special touches to their fairy homes that I thought you might enjoy a close up view. I must say it was VERY hard for me to photograph. I am feeling like I'm struggling with my camera lately and I'm frustrated. These are the best I could get for now.

Each home has a table with a bench.

Cori made a soft and cozy bed for her home.

Cassi made a darling little flag that displays proudly atop her lavish fairy abode.

Cori also made a pond.

A sun deck.

And my very favorite, for those chilly fall nights, a small fire pit in an open and airy room.

Click this to make it larger and you will see more detail.
My photos really don't do them justice for they are simply fairy-sweet!


Lisa said...

Such creative little ladies! ohhhhh, Araina would agree about the glitter....she loves to mix it with sand. I have no idea where she gets her ideas sometimes.

I love the colors of the houses, they are beautiful.

Lisa :)

themagiconions said...

I LOVE them!! So much creativity! And I love all the glitter... I'm with them, I also think everything is enhanced with too much glitter, I'm a 'glitter gal' myslef. I'm so glad you too are getting into the Challenge... we are beserk over it here also, each day we look to see who has created what enchanting thing... it's wonderful!
I'll be linking to your Fairy Houses tomorrow.
Blessings and magic.

Stephanie said...

Love the grumpy face. :)

I also love the gorgeous creativity!

Sarah said...

Oh, that is so sweet! I love the flag and the little pond.

Your little grumpy fairy is darling.

I'm having camera issues also - very, very frustrating.