Monday, September 14, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook 9-14

FOR TODAY 2009-09-14

Outside my window... it is cool today. The season change is upon us.

I am thinking... about my "A Little Gratefulness" post for tomorrow and things that begin with the letter 'B'

I am thankful husband coming home later today. It will be a surprise for my girls. Shhh, don't tell!

From the learning rooms...hmmm, after a weekend away, Cali and I have to much to do to spend too much time creating today.

From the kitchen...there is still a mess to clean up the kitchen from the things I made to take on our trip.

I am wearing...a soccer hoody, because of the cool weather but I have not relinquished my flip-flops yet!

I am creating...I will be working on all things birthday for the next two days since the birthday fairy will come passing through this way come Tuesday night.

I am where, I am tired from a weekend away.

I am time for reading today.

I am hoping...that some of my friends will decide to participate in "A Little Gratefulness" with me.

I am hearing...a little girlie pirate on the couch-ship in my living room.

Around the everything we took on our trip. It was brought in and dropped on the floor right before we all collapsed into bed!

One of my favorite things...The Lion King! Our lovely and wonderful friends bought tickets for my whole family (for our birthday's this year) and we went this past weekend. It was an amazing and lively show that I am so glad my girls and I were able to see. What a fantastic gift it was!

A few plans for the rest of the week...A 12th BIRTHDAY! Whoa baby, can someone slow this horse down 'cause I can hardly hang on! I am pulling the reins tighter and tighter and it seems this horse just bucks a little harder. Whew!

A photo for sharing...12 is still not too old for Momma to take down! :)

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Farm Fresh Jessica said...

A girlie pirate--too cute!