Monday, September 14, 2009

Have you ever tried this?

We went to Anchorage this past weekend. And I have so much to show you and to tell you about.
I want to go in sequence because the whole trip was such a joy for me. Some things not so spectacular, but still a joy to me. Other things, kind of like fireworks on the 4th of July, flashes of brilliance coming faster and faster that you wonder how to savor every moment. Can you really ever? And still yet other moments so fun and happy that remembering is is much like a soft, fuzzy blanket on a cold night, just makes you all warm inside!

Anyway, our trip began with me and the 3 girls. We left with a car load of blankets, some comfort food and tired bodies and eyes from sleeping too little the night before. We'd stayed out too late at the beach!. :) (Pictures coming later.)

Our trip was uneventful save for the changing of the leaves which is just beginning. We don't get a lot of reds and only some orange but I always love the contrast of the spruce trees that don't change and all the yellows. Sometimes the yellows almost look fluorescent.

About half-way there the girls were being a little grumpy so I grabbed my camera and without looking through the lens I just started snapping. What ensued was fits of giggles and some very fun pictures. There were MANY pics of the seat and lots of blur but still, some cool shots.

As you can see from the picture at the top, it took some of us longer to warm up to the idea than others. In fact, she was unsure she wanted anyone else to participate either!

The other two girls, well they were having a grand time!

Eventually however, being the cool (meaning persistent) mom that I am, I always get them to come around. :)

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