Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hear the lion...

Our family was the recipient of the most wonderful gift this past weekend. I've mentioned our trip to Anchorage and all the fun we had but we actually had a finale' activity which is what set the weekend into motion.

Holly, Rocky, Barry and Wren gifted our family (Scott got called away to work) with tickets to THE LION KING. And what an amazing gift it was. I have seen many productions on Broadway and locally and this rivaled any that I've seen. (Although I must admit, Peter Pan holds a special place in my heart.)

We arrived at the PAC early as we wanted to get group pictures of the whole lot of us. There is one family of 5 not pictured as they had already went inside. I wish they were in it though as they are certainly every bit part of the big family we've all become.

I also managed to pin my girls down to take a picture for me. The flowers were gorgeous and with a little time to spare, who could blame me for wanting it.

The show was explosive from the moment the curtains were drawn. It was magical, musical, even mesmerizing.

We are all familiar with the story, although I had concerns about Cali. I shouldn't have though because she was enamored with the characters. She was enthralled the entire show and kept an ongoing, quite descriptive and insightful ( for 4 years old) dialog with me throughout the whole thing.

I was surprised Cali was able to follow along being that I didn't remember her ever seeing the movie however I recently learned that Amber (my sister) had watched it with her in preparation. Thank God for sisters. Mine is certainly a blessing.

Inside we giggled and goofed around a bit in anticipation for the darkening hall and the first hum of the orchestra.

We were in the front row of the mezzanine which turned out to be a fabulous place to sit. We were just high enough to see everything on the stage at all times. Often through the show there were many things happening at one time. Being up just a bit allowed the viewer to see everyone and not miss anything that might be hidden behind another large character or animal. I had no problem seeing anything from where I sat.

We practiced a bit with the binoculars before the show started but I must say we hardly used them during the actual show.

After the show we gathered just long enough to stretch our muscles ( or have some one stretch them for us) and give thanks then we motored back to Norworld to have lunch.

It was an spectacular show and we are fortunate to have such good friends who come up with such amazing gifts. Rocky and Holly, thank you from the bottom of our heart!


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