Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Ones Who Love You

Whether you are 5, 18, 34 or 62, there is something comforting in being with those who love you.

My brother and sister lost a friend today. A tragic car accident of which the details are hardly known. It was a sad day for which none of us really knew how to comfort them. They banded together with friends and they all stayed fairly close. Whether it be visiting the hospital or traveling to visit other friends, the group just seemed to grow and strengthen.

We had planned a small cook out early in the day before we knew the details. I didn't really expect that my brother and sister would attend as they are really old enough now that they prefer to be with their own gang, away from us 'old' people. After hearing about the accident I asked them to stop by the park where we were so we could visibly see they were going to be all right.

It warmed my heart to see them start showing up, 1, 2, and 3 at a time. It takes me back to what I was saying the other day; sometimes you just need the comfort of being with those who love you. Whether is be for happy reasons or in times of sadness it's still nice knowing they are there.

Now, I will admit that I don't believe they realize what that love is truly worth. But deep in the bottom of their young souls, they know the comfort of that love and today I was so glad they came to find it in our hugs and tears, laughter and cries.

And one day, when they finally realize the immeasurable value of that love, and depths that it will go, I hope I'm a part of their lives and that they are still gathering with the ones who love them most.

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