Thursday, September 17, 2009

Photography by 3 Sisters and Wren

During our after-party following the Lion King the kids made off with my camera. While it is probably a bit daring letting them have it, it also produces some of the most entertaining photos.

First Wren photographed me with the girls.

Then he attempted action photography.
A series we'll title:
love between sisters

Then Cassi had Wren model for her.

Then she tried her hand at some action.

Cali took pictures of still life.

Then decided I should pose with the beautiful flower.

Cori had to try a few action photos too.

I'm thinking some future photographers are in my midst. What do you think?

After an action-packed, fun-filled weekend, we headed the two and a half hours back down the road, everyone tuckered out with a heart full of memories to sustain us until we are together again.

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Lisa said...

Such a BEAUTIFUL family....sister fighting, dancing, modeling and all! What fun you all have together!