Tuesday, October 26, 2010

amongst friends #52


Sorry that I am late with the post again :-) We had a couple of stragglers this week and a newcomer, welcome Justin! Our goal is to post the collage each week by Sunday night. If at all possible, please submit your photo by Sunday morning so we can meet that deadline. Thank you to those of you that already follow this time frame, it is greatly appreciated.

Most people incorporated the American Flag in their picture this week, but we also had a few variations that I thought were rather clever.

Jenny's is a sticker that she received in the mail last week and thought it was a coincidence.

My photo was taken outside of a local Wal-Mart grocery store. I really liked the homemade transportation that proudly displayed the American Flag.

I think Karen's was very clever! Who would have thought of money? Great picture.

They originally thought they were not going to submit this picture for Renee', but what better way to show their support for our Country!

Joanne passes this flag almost daily on her travels and always admires it's size and beauty.

I heard through the grapevine that Jerri's picture was taken while visiting her Nephew for his Air Force graduation ceremony.

Sandy wrote "as you might guess there isn't too much USA over here! But then I remembered
a flag pin I found when I was walking one time". I love it!

Justin, our newcomer, took his picture around 630pm at night, outside of his Apartment complex gym. The flash cancelled out the sky around it, and after some cropping, and hue change....viola! Nice twist, I really like it.

Chris took her photo back in July. She originally saved it for reflection but decided not to use it. Some things just happen for a reason. Turns out it would work better for USA. She actually stuck her head out of the window to talk to the driver while she was at a stoplight. The truck was awesome and it was clear that the driver was a proud American!

Jocelyn's is very original. I thought the idea was great. I know I am proud to be "born in the USA". :-)

Next week the theme is hat(s). I hope you will consider joining us. We are still open for upcoming theme suggestions, we only received one last week.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

And speaking of Greatness

I told you I was having a moment. :)

Cali is doing awesome with her little mini team. She is a leader to be sure. She is confident and man is she ever cute out there. It's hard to tell you where she is all the time but she is a base and at the end she will be sitting in the front on your left.

Since we are talking about Talented

Remember I mentioned I didn't really want to be boastful. Well, sometimes it just happens.

Cassi and Cali had a cheer competition this past weekend. And they were awesome! :)

Here is Cassi's individual.

You will see in her tumbling, she didn't do everything she'd wanted to but she did pull it off in her team competition so it's all good. Her next individual will be in February and I am certain she will nail it!
Now watch and see just how great she is! :)

Under the Sea

Really I wanted to call this post, "My  Talented Children" but I thought it sounded rather boastful. And I didn't want to come off that way. Seriously, some days I am so proud of my children I get a little overwhelmed with emotion. It's my hope everyone one feels this way about their children but I've been called passionate about all things before and I know it's true so it's possible I am just passionate about them too!

Never the mind, I shall call it Under the Sea and tell you, that is the title of the piece Cori played for her ensemble at the band concert just nights ago.  She was very excited about the piece. It's so much easier to play something you know well. So I think this one was fun for her.

I had no idea she would be standing at the front of the stage with her fellow players. When I saw that  is how they would perform, I got nervous! Uggg!

Again, no worries. She did fantastic. Had no bloopers! In fact there was only one from the trombonist and unless you are listening for it, you wouldn't likely notice it!

On that note, here is my very talented child! :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

amongst friends #51


Sorry the posting is a bit late, but I was lucky enough to have the chance to create the collage and narrative this week! Chris is due a needed break and wanted to share the experience with me :-)

I thought this theme might have been a little more diverse, but maybe it fell during the wrong time of year. It seems many of us took the same direction.

My picture is of a beautiful clear day without a cloud in the sky and 78 degrees.

Jocelyn took hers of her husband at a local museum acting as a television weatherman.

On a ride to a County fair, Karen captured her photo along the way.

Jerri didn’t say anything about her picture, but it’s pretty clear that it was a nice day at the beach!!

I really like the rustic look of Chris’ picture. Her comment was “not too bad for Mid October in Alaska! This unusually warm weather sort of makes up for the cold and wet summer we had!”

Sandy was thinking about actual weather, but thought that it wouldn’t be much different to what everyone else would get. She realized that even if other people photographed “the weather” on TV it wouldn’t be the British Isles on the BBC! Sandy lives just to the left of London a bit.

After keeping up with Jenny on Facebook, I can only assume hers was taken on a nice getaway to Epcot in Orlando last weekend.

I really enjoy our weekly picture findings, and am glad I got the chance to post it this week! Thanks Chris. I hope to do more of them. When submitting future pictures, it would be very helpful if you give a blurb about your photo. If you don't have the time, we are happy to translate it into our own interpretation.

Our theme next week is USA. I hope you will join us! The last of the themes we have stock piled are Hat(s), Noise, Transportation and Bridge(s). Please feel free to post us new ideas. We may have to pick and choose from the ones submitted, but it’s only because they might be similar to some of our past challenges or ones that are too difficult for some people. Please don’t be offended if a theme you submit is not used in the future.

Looking forward to next week "USA"! Please join us.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday to my Sweet Baby

Today you are 6!

You were such a delightful surprise; you have a become the sweetest blessing.
Happy Birthday Baby Girl. I love you more than life!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Party for Calani Bay

For the least two years we haven't really had what we call a friend-birthday party for Cali. Her birthday just so happens to fall at an extremely busy time of year, well they all do  these days. But also she just didn't know a lot of kids her age. So instead we had family-birthdays only. Most of the older kids she knows are like family so they just came to dinner with us and we called it good.

This year we were determined that she would have a proper over-the-top, obnoxiously hectic birthday party. And she did! :)

She decided she wanted a theme, which we used loosely at best. It was Candyland!

The party was held at the cheerleading gym she attends.  It's pretty much an hour or so of non-stop bouncing, jumping, flipping, throwing, etc.
Then the next our is in the party room having snacks, cake, opening presents, handing out goody bags and then your done.

With in the confines of our normal insanity**, she had a fabulous time and fun was had by all.

Several of the kids from her kindergarten showed up. Thank goodness they all didn't. I actually invited everyone not wanting to leave anyone out.  Several other friends were there as well too.

One of the favorite spots to play in the gym is the foam pit. The kids love to jump in it and we now know its fun to throw people in it too!

At least a half-hour was spent throwing kids in, and occasionally a Mom or Uncle. Some adults were happier about it than others. Just saying!

 The balls we picked up for the goody bags were a huge hit! There was a ball fort and a dodge ball battle going on for a  bit.

As you all know Daddy makes the cakes. And in the words of my amazed 6 year old. Hers was the best Candyland cake in the world!

She received many presents which she found quite fun. Especially when she realized the birthday fairy would still be visiting in 2 sleeps. :)

I have forgotten a bit what a birthday party is like with oodles of little people. The big girls have different types of celebrations these days. Little people are tiring. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I'd do it again. And I'm guessing I will- next year!

Until then, Cali has many happy, crazy, fun and over the top memories to carry her through!
And so do I!

Cake Daddy

Daddy makes the cakes! That's the rule in this house. And Cali would never be one to break the rules! ;)

I didn't feel like we were as prepared as we usually are. I think we have hit pandemonium with our schedules. (Of course, every year I think this!)

Regardless, Scott came through yet again.

Cali helped a little but mostly ate LOTS of candy in the cake making process. It is rather amazing she didn't toss all of her party-cookies by the end the day.

The final product was amazing and she LOVE, LOVE, LOVED IT!

 Isn't life a wonderful thing when you make magic happen for your babies!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Do you ever consider JOY? I do. I look for it. I sense it. I feel it!
I wonder sometimes if others see it. If they look for it. If they long for it. If they need some of it and don't even realize it.

You may or not remember but Cali is turning 6 soon. For the past two years her parties were family get-togethers. This year we are determined to go all out and Cali has decided on the theme, CandyLand.

Just thinking about the party has brought my daughter joy. I can see it on her face.

Today, I came up with the grand plan of giving a jumbo bouncy ball to each party-goer. They were colorful, fairly inexpensive and seemed like a great idea. Even joyful.

Seriously, if you ever want to see immediate joy. Head to the store, fill a couple carts with big bouncy balls and let your kids maneuver them through the store. :)

Not only could you hear JOY in their laughter. It was on the face of most everyone we passed in the isles.

And while we were filling our truck with them, people in the parking lot passed us a laughed. Out loud. It was infectious.

Then we got home and decided to take a picture.

We weren't quite quick enough closing the door but it's all good. Joy went bouncing down out street too. :)

Sometimes we just don't give enough thought to JOY but I've found if I just opt to let it be in my life, it's there in the simplest moments and it's really rather wonderful!

Getting Ready

Cali is going to be 6 on Monday. I can hardly believe it. Uggg, baby no more. Well, really she'll always be my baby. They all are! But still 6??? Where did the time go.

As much as I don't want it to happen, it shall. And to celebrate it we shall party! Candy Land style!

I started these buggers a couple weeks ago. I finally finished tonight. (Her party is tomorrow!)
I think I made about 30 of them.  Necklaces for the girls, backpack key-chains for the boys.

I used Fimo and Scupley oven-bake clay.

 I started with little balls of a color. Rolled each into a snake. (or a thin line) I lined 2 or 3 colors right next to each other. Twisted them (don't braid) then rolled that whole thing into another snake. Coiled that into a lollipop.

For the stem, I just rolled white into a snake. I cut into segments, flattened one end laid the lolli on top and smashed ever so gently.

 For the stem, I just rolled white into a snake. I cut into segments, flattened one end laid the lolli on top and smashed ever so gently.

I added bows to the by making a small rectangle, pinching to curl the edges, making another smaller square, pinching slightly and laying it on top of the rectangle.

Put that where the lolli and stem meet. Ta-Da!

Oodles of lollipop necklaces. :) And now I don't want to make any for a LONG time!