Wednesday, October 13, 2010

amongst friends #50


Well, it took forever for  me to get around to getting this done this week. My days are fairly full and sometimes there just isn't enough time in a day. Kelly may take over occasionally to create and post the pictures. Nothing will change for anyone as far as submitting photos so if you've been considering it, please still feel free to join in.

I thought the theme was a fairly simple one this week. I took a picture back in July and have been saving it to use until now. The funny thing is, I took the picture I've included here just the other day.

Since I make the collages I have the advantage (or disadvantage) of seeing everyone's photo's before using my own. My July photo was much like another submitted so I held it back to make room for larger photos even though I intended to submit both.

I think you could have gone many directions with the theme this week and I think most of us had different ideas. What were you thinking? Did you take a photo for reflection?

Kelly sold her Mom's house this week, the house she grew up in. Her photo is a reflection in many ways. It made me sentimental and It's a photo I'd save if it were me.

Jocelyn's opted for a reflection on stained glass.

I expected more of us to use Jenny's idea; self reflection in the window.

Jerri showed her patriotism with the reflection of the flag in the car window.

My photo was taken at dusk and I was struck by the colors of the sunset. I photograph that mountain frequently. There is never a time it isn't beautiful.

I am jealous of Sandy's crystals and love the direction she went with her photo. The miniature star-bursts of light reflection are wonderful.

My personal favorite this week is Karen's reflection of herself in the lens of Larry's (her spouse) glasses. Again, multiple directions of interpretations in this photo. Mostly I just love the character expressed. :)

Next week our theme is Weather. I hope you will consider joining in, You may find your inner photographer! :)

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