Tuesday, October 19, 2010

amongst friends #51


Sorry the posting is a bit late, but I was lucky enough to have the chance to create the collage and narrative this week! Chris is due a needed break and wanted to share the experience with me :-)

I thought this theme might have been a little more diverse, but maybe it fell during the wrong time of year. It seems many of us took the same direction.

My picture is of a beautiful clear day without a cloud in the sky and 78 degrees.

Jocelyn took hers of her husband at a local museum acting as a television weatherman.

On a ride to a County fair, Karen captured her photo along the way.

Jerri didn’t say anything about her picture, but it’s pretty clear that it was a nice day at the beach!!

I really like the rustic look of Chris’ picture. Her comment was “not too bad for Mid October in Alaska! This unusually warm weather sort of makes up for the cold and wet summer we had!”

Sandy was thinking about actual weather, but thought that it wouldn’t be much different to what everyone else would get. She realized that even if other people photographed “the weather” on TV it wouldn’t be the British Isles on the BBC! Sandy lives just to the left of London a bit.

After keeping up with Jenny on Facebook, I can only assume hers was taken on a nice getaway to Epcot in Orlando last weekend.

I really enjoy our weekly picture findings, and am glad I got the chance to post it this week! Thanks Chris. I hope to do more of them. When submitting future pictures, it would be very helpful if you give a blurb about your photo. If you don't have the time, we are happy to translate it into our own interpretation.

Our theme next week is USA. I hope you will join us! The last of the themes we have stock piled are Hat(s), Noise, Transportation and Bridge(s). Please feel free to post us new ideas. We may have to pick and choose from the ones submitted, but it’s only because they might be similar to some of our past challenges or ones that are too difficult for some people. Please don’t be offended if a theme you submit is not used in the future.

Looking forward to next week "USA"! Please join us.

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