Thursday, October 07, 2010

Getting my groove back

OK, seriously I doubt it will last. And technically I can't even say I have it back after making just one post, can I?
Maybe I'd have been better suited to title this post, still trying to get my groove back. :)
Regardless, I've been missing it. The posting thing. I do get around to posting our weekly amongst friends collages and I post every day on amongst friends today but it's been harder here. 
Since school started my life has been uber busy! I didn't realize it would happen that way but so it's become. 
Still, I shall try, again, to catch up and keep up.

Here goes my first attempt.
Cori had her first middle school choir concert tonight and it was quite impressive. I literally took one photo. I know shocking for this self-proclaimed pathological picture taker. I didn't bring a big lens so there was no other option that this one. And she wasn't having any part of posing for a picture in her robe after the fact!

Instead I shall give you this one picture where she is so tiny I have to point to her and just tell you that the group did wonderfully. There were even a few solos and they were awesome! Some of the kids were children Cori's attended school with along time. I made me smile to hear just how talented they are. 
If you double click this picture, you will see her a bit better.

Next time, I will take the video camera and give you a taste. Until then, this is all I've got!
See you again real soon, 'cause I like you!

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