Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Party for Calani Bay

For the least two years we haven't really had what we call a friend-birthday party for Cali. Her birthday just so happens to fall at an extremely busy time of year, well they all do  these days. But also she just didn't know a lot of kids her age. So instead we had family-birthdays only. Most of the older kids she knows are like family so they just came to dinner with us and we called it good.

This year we were determined that she would have a proper over-the-top, obnoxiously hectic birthday party. And she did! :)

She decided she wanted a theme, which we used loosely at best. It was Candyland!

The party was held at the cheerleading gym she attends.  It's pretty much an hour or so of non-stop bouncing, jumping, flipping, throwing, etc.
Then the next our is in the party room having snacks, cake, opening presents, handing out goody bags and then your done.

With in the confines of our normal insanity**, she had a fabulous time and fun was had by all.

Several of the kids from her kindergarten showed up. Thank goodness they all didn't. I actually invited everyone not wanting to leave anyone out.  Several other friends were there as well too.

One of the favorite spots to play in the gym is the foam pit. The kids love to jump in it and we now know its fun to throw people in it too!

At least a half-hour was spent throwing kids in, and occasionally a Mom or Uncle. Some adults were happier about it than others. Just saying!

 The balls we picked up for the goody bags were a huge hit! There was a ball fort and a dodge ball battle going on for a  bit.

As you all know Daddy makes the cakes. And in the words of my amazed 6 year old. Hers was the best Candyland cake in the world!

She received many presents which she found quite fun. Especially when she realized the birthday fairy would still be visiting in 2 sleeps. :)

I have forgotten a bit what a birthday party is like with oodles of little people. The big girls have different types of celebrations these days. Little people are tiring. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I'd do it again. And I'm guessing I will- next year!

Until then, Cali has many happy, crazy, fun and over the top memories to carry her through!
And so do I!

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