Sunday, October 24, 2010

Under the Sea

Really I wanted to call this post, "My  Talented Children" but I thought it sounded rather boastful. And I didn't want to come off that way. Seriously, some days I am so proud of my children I get a little overwhelmed with emotion. It's my hope everyone one feels this way about their children but I've been called passionate about all things before and I know it's true so it's possible I am just passionate about them too!

Never the mind, I shall call it Under the Sea and tell you, that is the title of the piece Cori played for her ensemble at the band concert just nights ago.  She was very excited about the piece. It's so much easier to play something you know well. So I think this one was fun for her.

I had no idea she would be standing at the front of the stage with her fellow players. When I saw that  is how they would perform, I got nervous! Uggg!

Again, no worries. She did fantastic. Had no bloopers! In fact there was only one from the trombonist and unless you are listening for it, you wouldn't likely notice it!

On that note, here is my very talented child! :)

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