Wednesday, October 06, 2010

amongst friends #49


There was a slight delay in posting this week due to Jenny's fiance' having a motorcycle accident. We thought she might have a photo but rather than stress her about it we will adjust it later if necessary. Jenny, know that we are thinking good thoughts for Frank, are thankful he is going to be OK and hope things will be settled down by next week.

Sandy sent a picture of a piece of artwork she created. "Here is the story behind it. All of her pieces have stories" she says.

The Coiled Dragon likes music. They are well known for their very intricate dances. The Dance of the
Coiled Dragon is the highlight at many of the dragon gatherings in certain parts of the world.
In their natural setting, the dances which Coiled Dragons use can have a hypnotizing effect, but that capacity is only used on enemies. They do teach dance to Uncoiled Dragons, but it is never as graceful.

My photo is of a piece of artwork as well. :) Cali made this gecko for Cori last year. Every gift Cali gives is with great thought and emotion. Because of that we all take great care in displaying them in such a way that she know is aware how much they mean to all of us. This one hangs in Cori's room on her corkbaord amongst favorite photos of she and her friends.

Kelly sent a little lizard photo. I am sure it was taken on her back porch.

Jocelyn sent in a photo of a small gator. He is actually pretty cute.

Unlike Karen's photo in which the gator looks big and mean!!  This gator was in the wild but she was behind somewhat of a fence when she took it.

Jerri sent a picture of HERMIE, her pet turtle. I tried taking pictures of him when I visited last. He is quite fascinating but a snapper so you don't want to get too close!

Joanne is on vacation in Florida and didn't send a picture this week. I know she'll be back on board next week.  The theme is REFLECTION and as always, you are welcome to join us.

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