Tuesday, September 28, 2010

amongst friends #48


The theme this week was WATER. I like the pictures this week. What do you think? I really expected more beach pictures. I am surprised there were only two of us. Especially with 4 people living in Florida. I love the contrast between my Alaska beach photo and Jerri's Florida version. Having lived in both places, I can truly 'feel' the vibe coming from each picture. It has something to do with the colors.

Karen and Joanne both had fountain pictures. I didn't hear where Karen took hers but I keep thinking it's at Disney although it could be St.Petersburg.. I know Joanne took hers in front of the 'water works' company where she lives. She say's it's nice to look at when she drives by.

Jocelyn's photo of her daughter at the aquarium is a classic and the colors are really vibrant. This is probably my favorite photo of the week although anyone who knows me well would know that. Children always capture my heart! :)

Kelly's picture is a different take on the theme and her picture rounded out our collage submissions.

Sandy's close up of rain drops on rose leaves is quite pretty.

Jenny's photos are often 'in the moment' of her life. This submission made me smile in it's simplicity. It's a great choice.

I haven't a clue how I will come up with a photo for next week's them- REPTILE. The Southern participants in this group should have a slight edge over the rest of us.
Do you think you can think of something to photograph for reptile, if so, join in. You may just have to take my spot. :)


Sandy said...

I like how you are doing the settings now. The white border helps each one stand out a bit more. I didn't notice it so much til I saw it on the black...It looks good!

I enjoy joining in. thanks for letting me take part. Sandy in the UK

M. Kasch said...

oh man. I HAD one for water, but got distracted this week when sending it in. . . Let me know when you do water II. ;-)
These are fun to look at!