Wednesday, September 08, 2010

amongst friends #45

 Well, I didn't think I could have anymore trouble than what I've had recently with these collages but boy was I wrong. We are running a little late due to late entries. I am guessing this is in part due to the recent holiday. I know we were busy in our house!
Also, I've had more computer problems than I'd care to count lately.
I couldn't finagle this collage much this week as my computer kept shutting down. I think I've hit 100% picture overload. :)  Hopefully I will get the problem remedied soon.
There are a lot of interesting photos this week. The items that were photographed are fascinating. 
Jerri says:  "This pitcher and basin belonged to your great-grandmother,  Bertha Cassidy Aley.  Old, you bet ya!"  (Yes, that would be my great-grandmother.  The same one my daughter Cassidy is named after.) It's a beautiful piece and I am in awe.

Karen's boat is at least 25 years old but I can't find the details. I will update as soon as she sends them to me again as I lost it while wrangling with my computer. grrr!

I'm not sure whose ring Jocelyn is wearing but it is beautiful. 

The cameras in my photo are part of Scott's collection. Aren't they wonderful? I thought it would be quite appropriate to share them for this.

Sandy says:
I have a collection of old books. For the photo, I opened up a very old one of John Bunyans's works- interesting colour pages, the one showing is of the Giant in Pilgrim's Progress. Also you can just see the front of the one I picked up just for the 3D cover!

Kelly photographed many things she has only recently acquired upon her mother's passing. Can you tell what each of them are. I'm wandering if that reel was ever even used. It's quite a collection of lovely little things she has there.      

Joanne Says:  When I thought about all the antiques I had in the house I thought Wayne would be my choice for this category. Slightly used, a little rough around the edges but still in fairly good shape for an old fart!" Now that is true love, right? :)

I adore the traveling case in Jenny's picture. I don't know much about the figurines but I'm guessing there is a love story behind those flowers!

Next week, now only days away our theme is HOUR. Are you ready, I hope I will be in the final one, hour that is! Join us if you'd like. We'd love it if you did.

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Sandy said...

I like finding out a bit about the other people's items. Where they found them, what they were thinking of, etc.