Monday, September 20, 2010

amongst friends #47

~Stained Glass
Remember to click the photo twice if you'd like to see some detail in the photos.

Well it wasn't quite so hard but it seems a lot of people have access to some great stained glass stuff. :) Color me jealous!

Joanne said that sweet little angel sits on her bathroom counter.

Sandy said that her picture is a window in a small church/chapel near
Edinburgh, Scotland. I LOVE it!

Karen didn't write anything but I can tell you that knowing her, it's no surprise to me she has stained glass with dolphins on it.

Jerri says Karen picked this little lamp up at a garage sale. She mentioned that I love looking for treasures like these and she couldn't be more right!

Kelly and Jocelyn both found lovely lamps too. I believe Kelly's came from her Aunt Jerelyn. I remember drooling over it when I visited last.  I wonder if Jocelyn's belongs to her or her mom?  :)

Jenny's picture of the star is very interesting to me. I'm wondering where it is from.

My entry this week is of a faux stained glass piece in my kitchen. My wonderful sister-in-law painted it on Plexiglas as a gift for my husband. It hangs above a walk-through from my kitchen to my living room.

Moving on to next week, the theme is water. After that will be reptiles, reflection then weather.  Good luck, I know I'm going to need it. If you're visiting for the first time, please feel free to join in. We'd love to have you.

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Sandy said...

I'm glad you like the window. I have photos of all sorts of stained glass windows from places I have been, but I decided that one was not as busy as most, so you'd be able to see the detail.

love the others, too. I forgot about Tiffany-look lamps. I got one for my mom when I was in college.

The art drum contraption sounds like a great idea!
Sandy in the UK