Monday, September 13, 2010

amongst friends #46

OK, seriously, if you think it will be boring and no challenge at all, join us! I promise you will be challenged. :)

For the first time, I almost didn't submit a picture. I could not think of anything to take a picture of.

I finally decided on my appointment book so you can see the running I do. I should have however photographed a different day because this one seems fairly slow as compared to usual.

Kelly got a cute picture of a clock on her daily route.

Jocelyn found her picture at the mall.

Jerri says "
This pic IS YOUR DADS drawn by a mother of a past girlfriend Liz. I always loved it. you know about my clock collection. This painting was rolled
for a very long time so when I moved to this house I
framed it. It's
been hanging in my bedroom since. ( I actually remember this painting from my childhood. It takes me back.)
I love Karen's take on the theme. Here she is showing the 'dinner hour'.

Sandy says "Here is a photo of an ancient 'pocket sundial'. This one is also a
compass. I
saw it in a museum in Oxford last year."

Jenny says" Most memorable time in my life...:( (I'm not sure what this means. I have to find out!)

Lastly Cali took a picture of the clock she sees everyday in the lunch room at school. Good job Cali!

Next week's theme is Stained Glass and after that comes Water, Reptile then Reflection. Let's see what you can come up with, join us!!

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