Monday, May 31, 2010

amongst friends #31


We have moved on from the Letters of the Alphabet to Themes. This week our theme is Summer. I wasn't sure how some of our regular players would make the transition from a theme so specific as a letter to themes completely open to one's own interpretation.  What do you think? I think everyone did pretty well. I love the differences and the similarities.  Also, did you notice we have a new friend joining us. Sandy- from England is now joining in. She captured an awesome sunset!  So what about you? Thinking about joining in, please do. Next week the theme is Round. Have fun!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

amongst friends #29

The Letter Z

Well, we've done it! We have finally made it to the letter Z. I wasn't sure we could do it.
We are going to move on to themes now and i am hoping some of you who have considered joining finally take the plunge and jump in. If you are wondering how to go about getting started, all you need to do is find out what the theme is (this week it's summer- next week it's round), take your picture, email me your picture (cheer4soccer at by Sunday mornings and tell me what state you live in. The idea is to connect your photo to the theme in whatever way you wish. There are no rules other than offering a brief explanation of your photo connection to the theme in the event it isn't evident. And those Z pictures, do you know what mine is? Just curious. ;) I hope to see your contributions in my in-box soon. Cheers! PS: I've updated the last few collages in case you were curious about what the photo connections were.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Missed Me...?

I have been missing you!  My life has turned the corner, we've gone completely overboard on hectic living.
I've talked to many friends, all of whom seem to be going through the same thing. I'm wondering if it's just the year, or is there something else.

I've missed sharing our lives. And I really want to catch this blog up. I'm hoping to preserve all those memories and make good use of those thousand or so photos I've accumulated over the past month or more. So, keep your eyes open and your ears listening because there shall be some busy news to share soon.

Until then...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

amongst friends #28

The Letter Y

I know, you were jonesin' for the "Y" pictures right?  Wondering what I've been up to?
It's a crazy hectic weekend that has bled right into the new week. I am now looking forward to this coming  weekend. Regardless, we do have "Y" pictures. Most of them were sent to me just recently. I've had mine since last Tuesday. :) I showed mine to Scott tonight and he didn't get it. I really need you to let me know if you get mine. Please play along and leave me a comment either way.  He swears no one will get it. 

Also, you've got one last chance to get in a letter. We are onto "Z" this week.  (Oh, and I've already got mine :)  What would you photograph?

The next 4 themes after "Z" will be:
orange (Color)

Be thinking about it and join us.  Everyone can play, join in anytime!

Edit- My 'Y' picture is for YEAR.  :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

amongst friends #27

The Letter X

Can you believe we are on the letter X? I can hardly believe it myself. When I started this project I sincerely did it to get my closest friend in all the world Kelly, to get out a bit, stretch her creative brain and give her something to focus on besides the painful journey she had to maneuver and continues to do today.

Given our friendship and the way both of us work, it made perfect sense to get our friends involved. I truly thought more people would add pictures and to this day I am not sure why more don't. It's quite fun and encourages my own creativity more than I ever had imagined it would.

We began the first two weeks or so with themes and decided it would help everyone to switch to the letters of the alphabet. It was a perfect solution. Now that we have a rhythm, and the alphabet has come to an end, we will switch back to themes. I will list below the upcoming themes. And as soon as school ends and things slow down, I will make a side bare spot for the themes so you can check them anytime. As always, if you'd like to include a picture in our weekly collage, simply send it to me at cheer 4 soccer at I will include it. Be sure to tell me what state you are in, if I don't know. You can even watermark or copyright your photo. I understand. I don't think it will show too much in the collage. I do hope you will consider joining in. I think you will find it rather addicting.

With all that said, here's to Y. I haven't a clue what my photo will be but I'm anxious to find it!

Also, I will mention, from amongst friends,  amongst friends today was created. Here our goal is to share a once a day look into each of our individual lives and appreciate the similarities and differences. Many a conversations have come from our daily offerings. We are close to 100 days and I can honestly say I believe I will miss it when our year is done. We may have to keep it going! :)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

She's a Soccer Girl Too

You've been watching the two big girls play soccer for years.  Last year Cali's theory was that she loved soccer except for the 'running' part.  :)

This year she was back in the game and better than ever!  She played the indoor season on a team she adored.  She loved her teammates and her coach.

She was super proud to get this medal at the end of the season.  I'm thinking we've got another soccer stud in the making!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Coming Soon...

...a Kindergartner.  Can you believe it?

I can't either. It's making me a little crazy. :)

She went for kindergarten visitation.

Yep, tears were fallin'!


Thursday, May 06, 2010

Cali's First Tutorial- Tying Shoes

Seriously, on Tuesday Scott pulled Cali on his lap just as we were heading out the door and said "Come here Sweetie, let me show how to tie those shoes." (He didn't think I was listening!)

It took all of about 2 minutes, shoes were tied and off we went.

Yesterday, after taking Daddy to the airport for what seems like the umpteenth time of late, we headed to school to drop Cassi off too.  Cali ran in to use the potty and when she came out she told me she need to tie her shoe. She sat in a chair in the hall and began.  I quickly sensed her confidence so I whipped out my phone for video.

Once we were back in the car she tried it again but she was having a bit of trouble so I figured we'd just gotten lucky. But at least I had it on video.

Last night, in the car once again, I was chatting with a soccer Dad while Cali scooted up to the front seat. I could hear her whispering as I spoke about soccer, "...Another bunny ear...".  I looked over and she was doing it again. She tied both shoes as I talked.

We can home, she walked out from the kitchen wearing Cori's shoes. :) She sat down in front of me and I started taking pictures.

Here's her first tute!

Make an "X"

Pull it tight.

Make a bunny ear.

Make another bunny ear.

Go through the hole.

And pull it tight again.

Show off your work!

One more time!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Kenai Fjords- A Fieldtrip

The end of the school year doesn't come soon enough. I love having my girls home and getting out in the world to see what's around us.

To get to summer however we have two unbelievably busy months leading up to it. Our school is notorious for amazing field-trips and 'being there' experiences.

This year both of my girls we able to go on the Kenai Fjords cruise. We've done it quite a few times however it never ceases to be amazing.

I took more pictures than any one person ever should but I have so much fun trying to catch all the kids. The girls took a LOT too!  It helped this year that I managed to take so many since one mom from Cassi's class made a video for the kids.

Here are a few Alaska shots and some shots of the kids I liked. If you ever make it to Alaska, it's a must do. And if you can, take the dinner cruise. It could likely be the most amazing scenery you'll ever see.

And you never know who may be looking for a table-scrap. ;)

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Movin' On

I am not sure I ever envisioned this day.  Can you believe she is headed to middle school?  I am a little excited, a little fearful, anxious and worried, expectant and determined. She is a great kid. She will be a fabulous teenager.

Our school held a little graduation ceremony for them  They had a performance that night in which they reenacted their years of elementary school. It was a great trip down memory lane and their humor is hysterical.  Most of the kids wore their tie dye t-shirts they made earlier in the Spring.

After the performance they gave each of the kids a certificate of completion and we ate cake!

Some of these kids have been friends since kindergarten. I really believe they'll be friends when they graduate.

One thing I don't have is any doubt that it will be a wild ride.  :)

Monday, May 03, 2010

amongst friends #26

The Letter W

As I expected, at least for me, these last letters of the alphabet are proving to be a slightly harder challenge than some of the others have been.  I had ideas but the opportunities to get the actual photos of those ideas didn't present themselves.  In part it's been due to our hectic schedule at the moment. I know both of my older girls had intentions of submitting photos but never managed to get around to putting their ideas into action.  If they manage to get them done tonight, I will edit the collage but after that, I'm guessing there will be no more available time this week. Maybe they will think of something for "X". Hahaha, that makes me laugh a little because I think there are very few chances of any of us being very different from each other unless we force ourselves to think outside that ever present box!  Who knows?  Do you have a fabulous ideas for X. If so, email me, don't worry about taking the picture, just give me the idea! :)  Just kidding, join us if you'd like, we'd love to have you!