Tuesday, May 11, 2010

amongst friends #27

The Letter X

Can you believe we are on the letter X? I can hardly believe it myself. When I started this project I sincerely did it to get my closest friend in all the world Kelly, to get out a bit, stretch her creative brain and give her something to focus on besides the painful journey she had to maneuver and continues to do today.

Given our friendship and the way both of us work, it made perfect sense to get our friends involved. I truly thought more people would add pictures and to this day I am not sure why more don't. It's quite fun and encourages my own creativity more than I ever had imagined it would.

We began the first two weeks or so with themes and decided it would help everyone to switch to the letters of the alphabet. It was a perfect solution. Now that we have a rhythm, and the alphabet has come to an end, we will switch back to themes. I will list below the upcoming themes. And as soon as school ends and things slow down, I will make a side bare spot for the themes so you can check them anytime. As always, if you'd like to include a picture in our weekly collage, simply send it to me at cheer 4 soccer at gci.net. I will include it. Be sure to tell me what state you are in, if I don't know. You can even watermark or copyright your photo. I understand. I don't think it will show too much in the collage. I do hope you will consider joining in. I think you will find it rather addicting.

With all that said, here's to Y. I haven't a clue what my photo will be but I'm anxious to find it!

Also, I will mention, from amongst friends,  amongst friends today was created. Here our goal is to share a once a day look into each of our individual lives and appreciate the similarities and differences. Many a conversations have come from our daily offerings. We are close to 100 days and I can honestly say I believe I will miss it when our year is done. We may have to keep it going! :)

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