Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Kenai Fjords- A Fieldtrip

The end of the school year doesn't come soon enough. I love having my girls home and getting out in the world to see what's around us.

To get to summer however we have two unbelievably busy months leading up to it. Our school is notorious for amazing field-trips and 'being there' experiences.

This year both of my girls we able to go on the Kenai Fjords cruise. We've done it quite a few times however it never ceases to be amazing.

I took more pictures than any one person ever should but I have so much fun trying to catch all the kids. The girls took a LOT too!  It helped this year that I managed to take so many since one mom from Cassi's class made a video for the kids.

Here are a few Alaska shots and some shots of the kids I liked. If you ever make it to Alaska, it's a must do. And if you can, take the dinner cruise. It could likely be the most amazing scenery you'll ever see.

And you never know who may be looking for a table-scrap. ;)

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i want to go on this