Tuesday, May 18, 2010

amongst friends #28

The Letter Y

I know, you were jonesin' for the "Y" pictures right?  Wondering what I've been up to?
It's a crazy hectic weekend that has bled right into the new week. I am now looking forward to this coming  weekend. Regardless, we do have "Y" pictures. Most of them were sent to me just recently. I've had mine since last Tuesday. :) I showed mine to Scott tonight and he didn't get it. I really need you to let me know if you get mine. Please play along and leave me a comment either way.  He swears no one will get it. 

Also, you've got one last chance to get in a letter. We are onto "Z" this week.  (Oh, and I've already got mine :)  What would you photograph?

The next 4 themes after "Z" will be:
orange (Color)

Be thinking about it and join us.  Everyone can play, join in anytime!

Edit- My 'Y' picture is for YEAR.  :)

1 comment:

Sandy said...

is it youth? or Yay!(however you spell it?)

I will try to do the themes. When do you ususally collect them?

Sandy in the UK