Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pinterest-ing Saturday #2

So we aren't  like going crazy or anything, but we are managing to do some projects. Who Hoo

This week we made some rainbow bubble snakes.

It's a bit funny that it took me seeing this on pinterest to figure this out. We've made these bubble bottles many times. I've even done this at our school for a picnic. That tells you haw much crap I save.  I had plenty of bottles and mix-matched socks.

This time we added food coloring on the ends of the socks before we put them in the bubble water.

Then BLOW!

There are a couple things I should mention. It can be messy, really messy. Messy because when I used the food coloring I made a bit of a mess on my fingers with food coloring drips. Really messy because I let Cali do her own food coloring and she dripped everywhere. I would suggest if you can not handle big mess, do the food coloring for them while they tell you what colors they want. Me, I just let her do it and figured the food coloring wouldn't last forever.


We added food coloring after every two to three times we made a long snake. It kept the colors more vibrant. One time the bubbles landed on our bowl that we contain all of our food coloring bottles in. It reminded me of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or something like that. Isn't it cute?

Also, use a lot of soap and only a little water. The bubbles will be thicker and make longer snakes. 

Just after we started this project, the big girls told me they were supposed to be meeting friends at the beach. Cali and I just packed up our supplies and took them with us.

We didn't have near as much luck there as it was windy. Which brings me to the last bit of advice, do this in a place that isn't too windy otherwise you end up with really short bubble snakes because they blow off too quickly. (Also, if the snakes hit your clothing and they are covered in food coloring they can stain your clothing. We managed to avoid this but it is how Cali's feet were stained.

I am loving Pinterest...How about you?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Pintersting Saturday #1

Cali and I made a decision recently, that we were going to make a point to make at least one thing we found on Pinterest, at least once per week. We hope to do more than that but we'll keep our goals simple. (:
I plan on trying to post them on Saturday. Again, keeping it simple. Wish me luck!

This week we made Jello Oranges. This was one Cali really wanted to do. (And I wanted to see how they worked since Amber is trying to get me to make some of these with liquor.)

The one thing we didn't get done was to photograph them in a rainbow pattern.

Cali did all the mixing of the Jello while I got the job of scooping out the oranges.

She chose all the colors. I think the blue was considered the favorite by most everyone.

The afternoon we made them some good friends of Cori's and Cassi's got back to town from Japan. They surprised us. Once word spread through town that they had returned a lot of friends were clamoring to see them so we ended up with a impromptu beach party.

It was also Summer Solstice which made it even more wonderful.

Why am I telling you all of this, well because we took those Jello oranges to the beach, of course!
It was an exciting surprise for everyone and Cali was excited to share her talents.

I think we will be making these again, very soon. And then we'll get that rainbow orange picture!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's Getting Serious...

Seriously fun! OK, well I thought it was fun.

We all gathered for Father's Day out at Grandpa's house of course!

We had to drag him off the roof, I mean everyone's go to eat, right?

GiGi took care of everything! A good thing too because with Scott having come home only the 2 days before we were doing much around our house but hanging on Daddy!

Normally at these family get together's we play Blongo, or that toss game where you throw golf balls attached to string has slowly fell apart and is no longer usable. Cassi and I decided we would buy Bocci Ball and give that a go.

It didn't go so well. I thought it was great. And Dad and I were in the midst of quite a game when the rest of the crew came along and we decided to play reams. That, of course, is when things for serious...seriously competitive. :)
And then it got hot! (Really, it made it to 70+ degrees depending on your part of town- the hottest day of the year so far!) And then the whining started. 

And that's when we decided the next score wins. And that's when I won! Yay! (Well not really, But I seriously wanted too!)
OK, Scott's team (red) won...and I guess that is fair 'cause he is a Dad and all, and it was Father's day. I guess I can let it go, until next time! "Cause having fun and playing winning games is SERIOUS! :)

Happy Father's Day to the Best Two Dad's EVER!

And in case you were wondering, the girls did get on the trampoline and caught some serious air!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Signs of Summer

Clockwise from top left: Burnt marshmallows, campfire smoke, sticky s'mores, hanging with my girls, 
midnight sun, sun-kissed cheeks and freckles, bare feet.

We've had a slow start to our summer this season.
It's been a little cool, or maybe a whole lot of cool, and not real sunny yet.
But tonight, I started seeing some signs.

"And here I am 
Just waiting for this storm to pass me by
And that's the sound of sunshine coming down
And that's the sound of sunshine coming down..."