Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Pintersting Saturday #1

Cali and I made a decision recently, that we were going to make a point to make at least one thing we found on Pinterest, at least once per week. We hope to do more than that but we'll keep our goals simple. (:
I plan on trying to post them on Saturday. Again, keeping it simple. Wish me luck!

This week we made Jello Oranges. This was one Cali really wanted to do. (And I wanted to see how they worked since Amber is trying to get me to make some of these with liquor.)

The one thing we didn't get done was to photograph them in a rainbow pattern.

Cali did all the mixing of the Jello while I got the job of scooping out the oranges.

She chose all the colors. I think the blue was considered the favorite by most everyone.

The afternoon we made them some good friends of Cori's and Cassi's got back to town from Japan. They surprised us. Once word spread through town that they had returned a lot of friends were clamoring to see them so we ended up with a impromptu beach party.

It was also Summer Solstice which made it even more wonderful.

Why am I telling you all of this, well because we took those Jello oranges to the beach, of course!
It was an exciting surprise for everyone and Cali was excited to share her talents.

I think we will be making these again, very soon. And then we'll get that rainbow orange picture!

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