Thursday, May 06, 2010

Cali's First Tutorial- Tying Shoes

Seriously, on Tuesday Scott pulled Cali on his lap just as we were heading out the door and said "Come here Sweetie, let me show how to tie those shoes." (He didn't think I was listening!)

It took all of about 2 minutes, shoes were tied and off we went.

Yesterday, after taking Daddy to the airport for what seems like the umpteenth time of late, we headed to school to drop Cassi off too.  Cali ran in to use the potty and when she came out she told me she need to tie her shoe. She sat in a chair in the hall and began.  I quickly sensed her confidence so I whipped out my phone for video.

Once we were back in the car she tried it again but she was having a bit of trouble so I figured we'd just gotten lucky. But at least I had it on video.

Last night, in the car once again, I was chatting with a soccer Dad while Cali scooted up to the front seat. I could hear her whispering as I spoke about soccer, "...Another bunny ear...".  I looked over and she was doing it again. She tied both shoes as I talked.

We can home, she walked out from the kitchen wearing Cori's shoes. :) She sat down in front of me and I started taking pictures.

Here's her first tute!

Make an "X"

Pull it tight.

Make a bunny ear.

Make another bunny ear.

Go through the hole.

And pull it tight again.

Show off your work!

One more time!

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