Tuesday, October 26, 2010

amongst friends #52


Sorry that I am late with the post again :-) We had a couple of stragglers this week and a newcomer, welcome Justin! Our goal is to post the collage each week by Sunday night. If at all possible, please submit your photo by Sunday morning so we can meet that deadline. Thank you to those of you that already follow this time frame, it is greatly appreciated.

Most people incorporated the American Flag in their picture this week, but we also had a few variations that I thought were rather clever.

Jenny's is a sticker that she received in the mail last week and thought it was a coincidence.

My photo was taken outside of a local Wal-Mart grocery store. I really liked the homemade transportation that proudly displayed the American Flag.

I think Karen's was very clever! Who would have thought of money? Great picture.

They originally thought they were not going to submit this picture for Renee', but what better way to show their support for our Country!

Joanne passes this flag almost daily on her travels and always admires it's size and beauty.

I heard through the grapevine that Jerri's picture was taken while visiting her Nephew for his Air Force graduation ceremony.

Sandy wrote "as you might guess there isn't too much USA over here! But then I remembered
a flag pin I found when I was walking one time". I love it!

Justin, our newcomer, took his picture around 630pm at night, outside of his Apartment complex gym. The flash cancelled out the sky around it, and after some cropping, and hue change....viola! Nice twist, I really like it.

Chris took her photo back in July. She originally saved it for reflection but decided not to use it. Some things just happen for a reason. Turns out it would work better for USA. She actually stuck her head out of the window to talk to the driver while she was at a stoplight. The truck was awesome and it was clear that the driver was a proud American!

Jocelyn's is very original. I thought the idea was great. I know I am proud to be "born in the USA". :-)

Next week the theme is hat(s). I hope you will consider joining us. We are still open for upcoming theme suggestions, we only received one last week.

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