Tuesday, November 02, 2010

It's Been a Little Spooky 'Round Here!

Well, Halloween Week it finally over. It's been a little hectic but then again, when isn't it around this place.

It seems like Halloween lasts for a week and for years we've had numerous costumes depending on the function we were attending.

We started our celebrations with our school Halloween Parade.  While Cali has been around the school for years with her sisters this was technically her first.  Cali is going through a little thing right now and too much attention sends her into a tizzy. I had to be very careful with her costume this year.

For her birthday she got that LaLaLoopsy doll. She loves it dearly so when we saw colored wigs at the store we decided that was what she would be. It wasn't too over the top so she loved it!  I even made her a $24.99 tag to hang from her shirt which she thought was super funny!

Cassi wore a Mad Hatter store-bought costume. It's not like us to not make something of our own but she loved this one and who am I to argue.  One of her closest friends wore an Alice costume. They were very cute together.

Cori didn't really have a Halloween costume day in middle school but it was red ribbon week for a drug-free zone and each day there was a different theme. On the last day before our Halloween break, they had Beach Day so she and her best friend dressed up together. Aren't they cuties!

On Friday night we had a crazy game night out at Wren's house. We played a outside, in-the-dark-game called piggy-want-a-signal. It was really fun and the kids had a great time. Grandpa came our with us and it's a good thing. Since the game requires the adults to scare the be-jeebers out of the kids, he was a great addition.

After 2 rounds and losing one kid for quite some time, we made our way into the house and decided to play charades. It cracks me up that they enjoyed it so much. I remember hating it when I was a kid. I am glad they are as confident as they are. I don't think I was when I was their age. Scott was pretty good at it too and Cali joined in for the first time ever!

We ended the night with a pie-in-the-face game.  We play this like musical chairs but we use a plate full of whipped cream. We have been playing this for years and most of the kids still LOVE it!  Cori, not so much. She will do almost anything to avoid getting it in the face. :)

And in case you are interested, a few facts about whipped cream:

*It takes several washings to get the stiffness out of your hair.
*It will make bleach-like stains in clothing.
*It is ridiculously expensive!  :)

We tied up our week with Trick or Treating of course.

Cassi used her same costume. She thought her Alice friend was going to come. Unfortunately she didn't make it. :(  Still, she looked cute in her costume! Don't you think?

Cali wore a warm little leopard outfit. I have always bought the kids the plush outfits to trick or treat in. It can get really cold here and most years there is snow.

Cori and her best friend went as ghosts. We did their faces with some creepy make-up.

I think they look pretty darn spooky.

The wind wreaked havoc on them though. They fought the good fight but in the end all that tulle proved to be a pain in the you-know-what.

This year we didn't have snow but it was darn sure cold! It was the wind. It was BLOWING! And we all froze. In fact it was kind of a low key Halloween for us. We usually do a lot more trick-or-treating but the kids decided they were too cold and they wanted to be done!

There were too many yummy treats at our friends house where we started and everyone was happy just being together. And I love that!

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