Tuesday, November 30, 2010

amongst friends #57

We posed the question just a couple weeks ago about whether or not to post all pictures in one collage or split them up. My newest question is how many is too many?  Chris and I have been discussing a magic number which will be our cut-off point and we are wondering what you think it should be. What is the maximum number of photos that should be in one collage?  Take a minute to look back through past collages HERE and let us know what you think. We are curious as to whether or not you think this collage has too many pictures in it or not.  If we choose a cut-off number and we reach it, then we will divide the number of entries into two collages and will enter them based on first received. In other words, if 12 is our magic number, when we get 13, we will instead divide the pictures into two collages with 7 in one and 6 in the other. The first 7 we received for the week will go into one and the last 6 will go into the other. So, one more time, do we have a cut-off number or not?  

*******Now onto the collage********

Wow!! We had a record number of participants this week (17). It's been a lot of fun creating this collage. I am really sorry Chris missed out creating this one! Since amongst friends has been her baby for just over a year now, I wish this week would have fallen on her :-)

I think Jenny's picture is of a sunrise on her way to work one morning. She actually sent this one to me last week thinking "yellow" was a week sooner.

Salvaged from a friend's trash, Joanne took this home and asked her Husband if he could revive it. Just so happened, he did it in time for this weeks yellow theme.

Jocelyn's picture is of beautiful flowers on her desk at work.

Here is a yellow rose in Sandy's back garden. They finally had a hard frost, so this is as far open as it will get. She is thinking maybe it can cheer those up who are already in the grip of winter. Roses are Sandy's favorite!

Karen said her's was a Christmas gift from Larry last year. Very nice!!

Scott joins in sometimes, and his picture of a yellow tent was taken up the Yetna River on a bear hunt this past August.

Christie took several yellow pictures recently but used them for other picture meme's, so when her Husband Scott made sweet rice for breakfast, she decided to put it in a yellow mug and use it for her submission this week.

Last Sunday Jerri drove into the parking lot of a local store and there it was, right where she was going. All by itself, a brand new yellow shopping cart!! All of the others by the front door were pushed together getting scratched up.

Who hates washing dishes?? Justin does. His dishwasher is being repaired and he had no other option than to break out the sponge :-)

I like Frank's picture, it reminds me of some of the remote locations I have driven through in Georgia and Alabama.

Memories...Butch's wife, Rachel joins us for the first time this week with a beautiful photo of her own. At the recent funeral of her Dad, she gave those in attendance the opportunity to write their memories, thoughts and prayers of Pop Pop on a yellow balloon to release and send to the heavens. It was a lovely gesture and a perfect contribution to amongst friends. Rachel, we are glad you are here.

Renee's picture is definitely yellow!! :-)

Rayma joined us this week too and wondered how yellow-green would work. I think it works great!!

In Christie's words, on the occasions that Cassi remembers and has the time to participate, she usually wanders around the house looking for things to photograph. This week found Cassi taking a closer look at her own art wall in the kitchen. She made this piece last year while she was studying the moon.

Many of you probably know what the color of my house used to be (ugly dark grey)...After adding my addition, I was very excited to paint it yellow.

Sheila stated that this was the highlight of her Thanksgiving weekend. Finding something different in yellow, she received a Florida Traffic Citation for speeding. This was not the yellow she was looking for! Sorry Sheila :-(

As for Butch, they say a young man will inevitably grow into the man his father was. It is every parents hope that their child takes the very best of who they were and makes better the things they weren't so great at. In like-father-like-son fashion,  Butch has carried on his Dad's love for big earth moving machines, and that is a fun and wonderful thing. For many who follow amongst friends, this image will bring back a memory or two. 

It's so great to see how many people participated this week. It's always interesting to read about the lives of others through something so simple. We are really glad every one is here and hope amongst friends continues to grow, so be sure to invite your friends.

On a side note, if you would ever like to try your hand at creating the collage, let Chris know. It's more of a challenge than you would think.  :)

Good luck on your hunt for Angels this week. I think there are many if we simply choose to see them!

Our upcoming themes are:

12/5 - Angel(s)
12/12 - Sparkle
12/19 - Nativity
12/26 - Church
1/2 - Celebration


JNYJNY said...

So very cool! My vote is all pics go one on collage. I love they way they look and dont mind the pics having to be made smaller to fit. It's like a family that way.

Sandy said...

I love it. It still works for me.

Probably though if you get 20, it would be a good limit. any more and they would get a bit too small.

I like the other comment about them being like a family! you can see the relation when they are all together.
Sandy in the UK
I have no idea about angels. I am not ready to get Christmas stuff out of the loft!