Monday, November 15, 2010

amongst friends #55


What a interesting group of photos  we ended up with this week!  Seriously. I think most everyone stretched themselves a bit and it was fun.

I am quite impressed with the subject of Sandy's photo. That car was KNITTED! She saw it at a sewing show a few years ago. The gal who knitted it is kneeling by the car. She has a website you can check out here.
Can you possibly imagine?? I'd be happy if I could learn to thread my brand new sewing machine that I've owned for two years!

I really liked Jerri's plane photo and wondered if she took it the day my Dad may have been flying overhead on his way to Florida. It made me smile thinking it could have been.

Jocelyn's photo was cute. I was surprised her Dad let her take the picture. I wonder if he ever sees these and if he knows so many other people look at it. Regardless, way to let go Poppi! It should always be about having fun with the kids and he obviously knows that!

I asked Kelly about her picture. She said a school bus came to mind when she thought about finding a transportation picture so she headed down to her old school and there was one sitting in the parking lot. A nostalgic trip for the sake of amongst friends! :)

Jenny said "Transportation straight to Jail!"  That made me giggle wondering if people knew she wasn't getting ready to ride in it. She has a close connection but not in that way thank goodness! LOL

Karen has spent a lot of time around some beautiful vintage vehicles. This is one of a few she sent me. Isn't it beautiful? And what I wouldn't do for a yellow car!

My picture came about at the last minute. As usual I had some things I knew I could fall back on but since I was writing this up this week I knew I could put mine off until the last picture arrived in my inbox. I was thinking about Christmas today and my kids and this was my 'AHA' photo. Good timing, right?

I swear (in only the friendliest of ways) that Joanne's picture reminds me of something straight from the pages of Dr. Seuss.  She too was struggling with getting her picture this week. We were talking about options at the hospital where she had an appointment today. We hung up the phone and viola! she came upon this nice gentleman cutting some grass. I do know he was nice because she actually asked him if she could take his picture before she did it! Have you ever done that for an amongst friends picture?  Way to step out of the box Joanne!

I want to welcome Sheila to amongst friends this week. It's her first time joining us and we are glad you did.
Sheila was at the American Diabetes Walk-a-Thon when she happened upon this mode of transportation. She said when she spotted it exhaustion took over.  Sheila I am beyond certain every step you took that day was appreciated and kudos to you for relying on that cart for a transportation picture only. :)

Next week our theme is Bridge(s). After that we have a few seasonal themes to test you. Turn in your photo by Sunday morning if you can. One day I will get it all created and posted by Sunday night. One day. If you've been thinking about joining us, now is a good time to start because really it's nothing more than stopping to take a look at the world around you and snapping a picture. It's that simple. Join us if you'd like. We'd love to have you.
Here are our next themes:
Nov. 28th- Yellow,
Dec. 5th- Angel(s)
Dec. 12th- Sparkle
Dec. 19th- Nativity
Dec. 26th- Church
Jan.  2nd- Celebration

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