Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  We spent ours at Grandpa's house. I am a sucker for traditions and so, we did everything much the same. We ate fairly early, filled our bellies with some awesome Thanksgiving day food and headed for Anchorage just like we usually do.

There were some minor exceptions this year. For one, the girls went with me and Grandpa to Anchorage and Scott went too!  I usually head up with only my Dad but this year everyone wanted to get into the Black Friday festivities. :) Of course, he and I were the only ones to get up at 2:30 am to be at the stores at 3:00! Still the girls got to get out into the thick of things and they too had a great time. It may not be your usual traditions but you know what, they are ours and that alone makes it all right!

We started our day with cinnamon rolls, which we do on Christmas as well. Cali and Scott were icing them and somehow they went flying. It was really funny.  Leave it to Scott to cause all the trouble! :)

I even tried to change up a thing or two for dinner this year and tried my hand at the 'cherpumple'. (Seriously, look it up on you tube! It's wacked! A cherry, pumpkin and apple pie baked into a cake!) Mine was a bust. It would not cook. I am pretty sure it was in the oven for 2 hours. So guess what? It was dry. :) Then I put the frosting on but the pie/cake was still warm on the inside and that added to the fact that it was really warm at Grandpa's house...well it made for a slightly droopy mess. Oh well, I wanted to try it and I did! Next year however I think I'll be looking for something new again!

There were lots of giggles going on while we were there.

Amber got stuck under the table. OK, well actually Aaron was holding her there wile tickling her. Young love is sweet. They are cute together!

Cori spilled tea all over herself on the ride out and ended up in a pair of leggings. I am not sue where all the hair came from, but she decided the vacuum was the only way to take care of it!  I can honestly say it was the first time I've ever seen anyone vacuum themselves off.

Grandpa bought a new elliptical machine and Cali caught rides with anyone willing to give it a whirl. (It kicked my butt!)

I even managed to get GiGi and Grand[a to take a picture together. (I am positive he doesn't know about the bunny ears! Don't tell him! LOL )

We ended the night in Anchorage and Ambe and AJ's apartment playing the Wii. Cali has possible dance classes in her future again. She loved the dancing game. I'm worried someone might think getting her that game for Christmas could be a good thing. Uggg! Just kidding! :)

I hope it was a wonderful Thanksgiving day for everyone. Here's to traditions!- Oh and making new ones!

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