Tuesday, November 02, 2010

amongst friends #53


Can you believe we've been doing this weekly thing for a year? Yup! 52 weeks! I can hardly believe it either. In fact the first week, there were only two of us! If you are interested in seeing all of them you can check them out HERE

The theme this week is HATS and is technically the beginning of another year of amongst friends. I didn't really have many expectations for this theme. It was fairly simple and I thought it would be pretty hard to get too creative. Still, in all I think it turned out fairly well.

Jenny's photo was taken at the Peanut Festival. Hat's for Sale!

Sandy said her photo is of a hat she made a few years ago to go along with a garment about the shining moon. The Hat is the moon. She showed two angles in one photo.

It's interesting that we had two photos submitted that combined two pictures. The photo submitted for Renee' is of her son Randy. One without hair and one with. :)

Jerri went pink with her photo and since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I think it was a great choice!

Kelly picture of the cute little bucket hat has special meaning! It was the hat her Mom used during treatment while battling cancer. Her brother bought her Mom the hat and I hear it was by far her favorite. What a sweet way to remember her Kelly!

My picture is of Cali wearing her new winter hat. She got it for her birthday and will likely be a favorite for a while. She looks like a little Eskimo!

Karen took her photo while watching some classics on TV. I thought this idea was a clever way to get her weekly picture. Anyone know what movie she was watching??

Jocelyn said "Talk about a last minute hat find!"  I'm guessing she put of taking her picture a little too long! :)
No worries Jocelyn, cute works!  :)

I saved Joanne's comment for last. She had only this to say,
Roll Tide!

I've heard rumor that there are a few of you thinking about joining in. As you can tell, each person puts what they want in to the project. There are few rules and no worries. Feel free to give it a try, we'd love to have you.

We are coming to the end of our themes and are looking for some suggestions. If you have any, be sure to email them to me. The next three are NOISE, TRANSPORTATION and BRIDGE(S).

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