Thursday, November 04, 2010

She said What????

I just had to record this here in hopes I never forget!  :)

Cassi told me she has decided what she will name her child if she has a girl.
I think this is special because I knew 5 years before being pregnant what I would name Cori and I did it!
I haggled with my decision for a while but could never get away from the name I'd loved so long before.
Are you ready for it???



ZueLili (pronounced Zoo Lilly)

I'm in love. I may have to pull the Mom-card some day to make her stick to it. :)

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Winston Manor said...

I knew from the time I was 16 what I would name a daughter if I had one. I teased my husband with the idea of a different name while I was pregnant but it came down to sticking with the name I loved! I am so thankful for my Brogan Casassa :)