Tuesday, November 23, 2010

amongst friends #56


Here I go at my 3rd attempt at loading our weekly pictures. I have to tell you that it's not the easiest thing to do :-) I give Chris kudos for the year that she has pulled it off!! Thanks Chris! Although this weeks collage lacks some color, I like the outdoor affect that came out of it.

Welcome Butch!! Our newcomer took his picture on his recent trip to Florida. We hope he will continue to join us in the upcoming weeks!!!

On her way home from downtown Tampa, Sheila saw this CSX railroad bridge in the up position. She said it brought back memories because her Father, Ernie Sims Sr. worked for the railroad for 44 years.

Jocelyn's picture was taken this weekend when she and her Husband went to Clearwater for an event that his employer was hosting. It was the view from their Hotel room.

I love Sandy's pictures since there always seems to be something intriguing about them being from another Country. Sandy said "here is a photo of the Ironbridge. It is famous as being the first cast iron arch bridge in the world. It was built in 1779. Its span is 30 metres (100 ft) across the River Severn in Shropshire, England. We stayed there a few years ago. There is a whole series of museums and a period village built up around the concept of the Industrial Revolution and what went into building the bridge".

I have to say Chris' picture is my favorite this week. It was taken while on a field trip with her daughter Cassi Raye. She was playing with different angles of the bridge and decided to test her balance by teetering on the edge and looking down. Love it :-)

Karen took her picture a few years ago after her Mom bought her current home. To allow for easier access to her second piece of property, Karen's Husband build this bridge.

I'm not sure about Jerri's, but I can only guess her picture was taken on a recent trip to the beach with her Niece and Nephew that were visiting from Alaska.

Mine was taken on a Sunday drive after breakfast trying to pass some time before Church. I happened to pull down a side street and found myself looking at this bridge over the Hillsborough River. It seemed very peaceful to me.

Justin's picture is a tree bridge at Myakka State Park. It's 30 some feet off the ground, held up by ropes! I personally have been to the park many years ago with a good friend, and am sorry I didn't see it myself.

"It's a stinking bridge"!! I asked Jenny for commentary on her photo, and that was the response I received :-) Don't quite know the story behind it other than it was taken on a trip to New York.

I know the busy holiday season is upon us all, but please take a minute to look at all of the wonderful things around you. We have tried to tailor some of our themes in the upcoming month to go along with the holidays. Hopefully this will make it easier to continue on our quest for the remainder of the year. Cherish and enjoy your family and friends through the holidays. Happy Turkey Day!

Our next themes are:

11/28 - Yellow
12/5 - Angel(s)
12/12 - Sparkle
12/19 - Nativity
12/26 - Church
1/2 - Celebration

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Christie said...

I LOVE Sandy's bridge photo. It could be sold as a postcard! I LOVE the pelican in front of the bridge. I LOVE the fact that Larry built that bridge. I LOVE Kelly's picture- It's beautiful. I LOVE that my dad sent in a picture. I LOVE the angle of Justin's photo. I LOVE that Sheila found a connection to her Dad. I LOVE Jenny's commentary! I LOVE Jocelyn's view! (I'm jealous!) And I LOVE the whole collage so much more than I expected I would. It almost has a black and white feel to it. Sometimes, this project is awesome, isn't it? :)