Monday, December 06, 2010

amongst friends #58


First let me ask, does it give you a warm feeling when you realize some things just happen at all the right times? It does me. It does my heart good!

Today is Kelly’s birthday. Happy Birthday Kidd! It’s funny that our ‘amongst friends’ week of Angels fell this when it did. I am sure I will never hear the end of it! J
Seriously though, Kelly is an Angel to me, the best-friend kind and I love her so! I hope it’s a beautiful day for you Kelly-Gayle, full of all the wonderfulness a girl should have!

As for the photo submissions this week; I expected lots of different views and we got them! I really did think there would be a few sentimental photos; maybe a few pretty ones and even one or two that were fun. The creativeness expressed here encompassed everything I thought of and so much more!

The three most sentimental photos took me aback. One is special to my own heart and even though I have no connection to the second one, the story is just as beautiful. And the third, well, it’s simple and clear.

Jerri found an old picture of her Dad. I heard the story something like this…the photo was taken in 1984, before he had become an angel. It’s possible he was testing his wings for the day in 1991, when he would watch over us all from Heaven. (This is Karen’s, Renee’s and Butch’s Dad too, and my Grandfather!)

Debbie says the swans are her angels, next in line after her kids! The year her Dad passed away, the swan came to visit her lake on his birthday. Then 5 years later, the year her mom died, the swan came to visit on her birthday. It seemed too coincidental to her! <3
By the way, this is Debbie’s first week here and we are glad you are joining in!

When I first got Scott’s photo I didn’t quite understand so I asked him to explain. When he did, I got it!  He says, “That is my heaven. I see it; I feel it when I am there, on the top of those mountains. If you can’t see it, then you won’t see the angels I see when I am there.”

There were several tree toppers and ornaments in our collage this week, all pretty cute in their own way.

Justin took his picture of his tree topper angel in his new apartment.

Rachel’s picture is her tree at home too!

Butch found the funniest angel ornament on his tree. It makes me giggle and is so like him to find something silly!

Karen didn’t tell me about her vintage little angel but she sure is sweet isn’t she?

Joanne took a picture in her angel themed bathroom.  All of those angels are quite beautiful there.

Kelly took a photo of an angel in her home that is out year ‘round.  She says, “My Aunt that passed away several years ago was very into Angels. This is one I inherited from her estate.”

Jenny has her own treasured collection of angels from her mom, who gave one to Jenny each year at Christmas, before she passed away. “The funnier the better”, says Jenny. This is one from the collection.

Cali approached the theme through a child’s eyes. She made the snow angel herself in the fresh Alaskan snow.

Cassi took a picture of a cookie we made the other day. They looked better than they tasted. I think we messed up the recipe but she sure nailed her photo! The cookies are called ‘angel wings’ and are also known as ‘Chrusciki’.

Sandy sent in a photo of a child at church. They were instructed to dress ‘Christmassy’ so she came dressed as an angel!  I think that child and Cali would be fast-friends!

My photo is an angel on the sun-visor in my car. A gift from my mom many years ago, meant to protect my family and me. It’s been in each car we have a time or two.

Sheila’s photo idea was pretty creative! I’m impressed. I thought I’d thought of most everything possible but I didn’t think of that!  Good timing for dessert.

Rayma says these dogs are her angels and I figure they must be because I can’t imagine any other way to get them all in one photo like that!

Jocelyn’s picture reminds us that we should remember the angels in need this holiday season too.  It’s the Salvation Army Angel tree in the lobby at her office.

Renee’ said she was looking all over for her angel picture then she stumbled upon this.
It’s a nice message for Angel week at amongst friends.

I just wanted to mention, if you’ve made it this far, that I really enjoy reading the stories behind the photos. Especially this week, when there were so many special stories to share. Also, I am thrilled that amongst friends continues to grow.  Invite your friends and let them know it’s fun, there is a lot of creativity here to share and see and they are always welcome.

Next week is Sparkle!
After that we have Nativity, Church, Celebration, then Critters.

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