Thursday, December 30, 2010

amongst friends #61

Edit~I finally did it. I've long worried that I would forget to include someone who sent in a picture. I did. Stacie sent in a Church picture last week and I forgot to pass it on to Kelly. I'm sorry Stacie. :(

She said "So John and I were driving back from seeing family, and I was debating on what church I should photo, but I was wanting something out of the box but not sure what. One exit before the one we had to get off at, this truck pulling a trailer behind it came onto the interstate in front of us and voila lol There was my pic..glad I had my camera with me :)"

It's a funny pic Stacie and I am so glad you reminded me. And I'm glad I got that out of my system. Hopefully I don't forget anyone again and if I do, be sure to let me know!  :)

Due to the Holidays and people being out of town or tied up with family and friends, we were a little late receiving (and posting) the collage. As you can see, we are down several participants from the last few weeks. We hope everyone gets a chance to join again next week :-)

Sheila took her picture on her way into the New Member's Orientation at the church she attends.

Sandy wasn't sure she would be able to get us a Church photo this week due to some ups and downs in her life currently. As it turned out the 19th was the week that the church, in the nursing home where her Dad is, scheduled church service there. She submitted a picture of her Mom and Dad at that service.

Justin said his picture is from his Mom's Christmas Village on her kitchen bar. "Every year she goes all out, and puts up a lit, populated department 56 village. Some of the little figures and buildings cost over a hundred dollars. As assanine as it may seem, everyone has their interests, and it brings her and my stepdad together!"

Renee took a picture of a Christmas card at her Mother's house a few weeks ago.

Realizing her picture was the same as Debbie's (they live in a small town :) Christie dug through some much older photos and found this picture of a retired priest from the same church. She says she always loved this photo. He was such a delightful man who had many stories to share. He was so incredibly proud of this cross he was given as a gift for such long service to the church.

I took mine of the Baptism Pool at my church. I have only witnessed 2 Baptism's since I have been going there, but I love the turquoise color of the water. It's very pretty and calming.

Rayma's picture is of a blanket her friend has. On it is the childhood school and church her friend's husband attended, originally built in the 1930's. He was laid to rest across the street from this spot in Oakhill, TN.

Karen's is a beautiful old church in downtown Tampa.

Debbie wrote "frosty but nestled in for the winter a multicultural view... Russian Orthodox Church, Kenai, Alaska".

Jocelyn stopped to take her picture of a church in her neighborhood that she has gone to a couple of times.

Make sure you have your cameras out for the new year!! This week is celebration. See you all in a 2011! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Be safe and enjoy!

After celebration, we have critters, relax and cold. Have fun, be creative. See you soon.

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