Wednesday, December 15, 2010

amongst friends #59


Whew, here it is-Sparkle! FINALLY!

It’s been a hectic week, for more than just me evidently because it took an extra day or so to get all the pictures. Add that to my normal crazy schedule and all of a sudden it’s Wednesday and our amongst friends collage is just going up!

It certainly was worth the wait though. Just look at all the twinkling going on here!

I’ll start this off by telling you I took my picture a couple weeks ago. It was right after a warm spell and my children had taken the top layer of ice off of our Koi pond. They were using it as part of a snow sculpture. With the warmer weather it had started to melt and on that particular sunny day it was winking at me as I got into my car. I stopped, got out and snapped a few pictures. I didn’t realize the sparkles were in the photo until looking at them on the computer later. I more envisioned glittery things but with my lack of time, it turns out I was lucky I’d gotten this when I did. I works just fine! J

Kelly took a picture of Sparkle Barbie, a gift she donated to the Salvation Army Angel Tree program.

Karen’s sparkly bowtie is super cute. I wonder is she will wear it sometime through the holidays.

Jerri says her photo is just a pretty sparkly heart. That it is!

Rayma sent me a few photos. I chose this wizard because he was different from any other submission and something about him makes me think about my youth. I can’t quite make the connection but I like the photo and his sparkly pearl.

We have two newcomers this week. We are so glad you both are joining in and hope you will stick around. I must say I had several favorites this week and I really love both of their photos.

Stacie chose to photograph a bow on the front of her apartment. I love the composition of the picture and it is definitely sparkly. It’s also one of my favorite colors of the season. It’s not the traditional Christmas green but by far my favorite hue at Christmas time.

Janice said her husband was wrapping gifts one evening when she noticed the sparkly paper glistening under the tree. Again, I love the angle of the photo and how it shimmers.
Plus, I really need to find some of that paper ‘cause it’s so stinkin’ cute!

Renee’ gets the ‘makes me grin’ award because when I got her picture in my inbox, I kind of laughed out loud. Who knew there were sparkle paper towels? Great idea!

Butch took another picture of his Christmas tree this week. You may not think it sparkles much but when you enlarge this picture you will notice there is tinsel on it. This too makes me smile because I do not know one other person who still uses tinsel on their tree. In fact we struggle to find it year after year. I found on old box in my crawl space I’ll be passing on to him in a day or two so he can fill in his tree a little more.

Isn’t it funny how kids think of themselves in photos more often than any other subject? I was looking through some photos of the past year with Cassi and when we came upon this one, she claimed ‘this was the one’! No one can say she isn’t sparkly in this picture.

Cali wanted to enter this picture of herself in her Christmas dress. I found this dress on the day after Thanksgiving and fortunately she loved it. I happen to love this picture of her. She reminds me of Eloise at the Plaza or something like it.

Jenny submitted a jewelry box full of sparkles! Lovely!

Sheila staged a photo of Yoshi in her sparkling new year’s hat with her favorite sparkle bear.

Justin also submitted a photo of his dog in his sparkle bed.

Debbie said she is sneakin’ a little kinder-sparkle into the holidays. I LOVE this picture.

Joanne wasn’t sure her sparkly little lighted Christmas tree came through well in the picture. I love all of them actually and think the display is darling!

Jocelyn’s photo of the city lights is a great idea and if you look closer a really nice photo!

I am mentioning Sandy last- she sent her photo in weeks ago. Her Dad is ill and amazingly she thought ahead to send in three weeks of photos in case she didn’t get back in time to send them. Sandy, I hope your Dad is better and we all wish him well. Prayers go out to you and your family.

Her photo is of sparkly decorated motorbikes. One of the young ladies from her church goes on a ‘toy run’ with the Christian Biker Assc. the first Sunday in December. This photo was from a couple years ago when her husband went along. They decorate their bikes and take a toy for the children in Bernardos charity. There are usually about 2000 bikers. What a fabulous idea and a great way to spread the warmth of Christmas.

I hope you all are enjoying the Holiday-ish themes of late. Remember next week is Nativity, and then we have Church. After that we will move onto Celebration and then Critters. Have fun, be creative and we’ll see you in a few short days! J

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