Saturday, December 11, 2010


We finally decorated our tree last weekend.   WooHoo!

We love our tree. Although, I think we all agree that with our tall ceiling, we would like it to be larger.  We have decided we are going to watch those after-holidays sales and see if we can find a big one.  It won't be easy as we love the fiber-optic part of ours so...well, if you see one, let us know! :)

The one thing I didn't love while we were decorating, was losing Grandma's reindeer ornament. It wasn't actually lost as you can see, however for a short time, I thought it was. It really upset me and I found that I am quite attached to things of my past. Much more than items from my present.  This also applies to things that belonged to the girls when they were small too. I have most every toy they were ever given. (I figure I'm lining my self up to open a vintage toy shop someday!)

This ornament once belonged to me mother. In fact I can't even tell you how old it actually is, but I believe the story goes, that she bought it the year I was born for our first family Christmas tree. That makes it...well it's been around a while. Ha!

Anyway, I am not so deluded that I find these things more valuable than being together and the memories we are making when we are but I do love to hold and treasure the items from my past. They take me back to those times and remind me of my life, by touch.

Do you do this too? What do you have that is special to you?  This reindeer is one of my most treasured Christmas items. Some day I will share a few other favorites with you as well. I have many!

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